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((Deac, you have a speeling mistake.))

Bilbriggi, Now

*Agric's newly arrived Imperial Fleet hangs in high orbit, with several of the ships already in Spacedock undergoing refits.

*On His Command Ship Agric sat in the throne room, Admiral Vares nealt infront of him.*

Vares: My Lord, the Yaga Minor fleet is holding station as you ordered, so far the Admirals have caused no problems.

Agric: Good, I would prefer not to have them killed, it would make things more difficult. What of the IIB Director? Has he been found?

Vares: My Lord... He is dead. It appears to have been suicide.

*Despite Vares apprihention at the news Agric throws back his head and laughs.*

Agric: Really? I expect it would appear to have been so. I expect it will also appear to have been suicide. What of the Imperial Beurocracy?

Vares: Many of the other department and service heads are also dead, some suicide, some "unfortunate" accidents.

Agric: Really? The day gets better and better!

Defiance II, Drago's Office.

Drago: Well.... I take it all back. Do you think I should have Hal Blood-Eagled?

Sellenna: No.

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