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Inspiration (of a sort).

I was listening to LC2 again last night, and one of Vapour's lines jumped out at me. Something to the effect of "Isn't that what you said in the prequel to Lost Cause? Build a Dud Star?" So, we could build from that - do the prequel to Lost Cause!

"The Lost Cause Zero - (Insert No Hope Subtitle Here)"

Basically, it could be a super compressed version of SW 1-3... the fall of Vapour. Especially with the "Lubes your son" episode, we've already got a bunch of stuff to build off of there. Everything from building Creepio to destroying the Jeedai (who run a series of 50's style diners where you don't get served unless you have perfect table manners). I'd have to find some way of bringing in Maul and Dooku... and I'd also need to know how you're gonna handle the Emporer in LC3, but with this kind of idea in mind...

It makes more sence than my original idea of a straight LC translation.

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