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Originally Posted by Karstedt
I have a question/request. I haven't been able to figure out how to insert a line at the top (or anywhere other than the bottom for that matter) of a .2da file with TSL patcher. Is it possible? Is it a feature that could be added?
It is currently not possible since I have not been able to imagine a use for it.

It currently always inserts new lines at the end of the file. Inserting lines anywhere else in line number indexed 2DAs (which most of the big core 2DAs, except visualeffects.2da, appear to be) will mess the file up since the indexes for all the following lines will be ruined. And for files not indexed by line number it doesn't matter where in the file a line is, so it might as well add it at the end there too.

Why do you need to insert lines in any other position than at the end?

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