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Originally Posted by Karstedt
I figured out that the first entry in upgrade.2da wll dissapear on area/load/save transitions (that appears to be the cause of the dissapearing Rubat crystal I've been posting about). So my solution is to insert a blank entry at line 0.
Anyway, there you go; a use for inserting rows at places other than the bottom.
Hmm, while I doubt it's a feature that will see much use I suppose it wouldn't hurt to put in a "insert line" modifier for 2DAs. It will have to wait until tomorrow though since it requires expanding a bit upon the 2DA-handling class I'm currently using for the patcher. It can only can do essentially what TSLPatcher is currently capable of since it was written for that purpose.

Don't think it will be that much trouble fixing, but it might take a bit of time to do.

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