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Chapter 5

There is a certain time when there is nothing to do but fight. To turn and face the evils of the world and see if you can at least take down some of them with you. To give up trying to survive and meet evil head on. Kavar was at that moment now. He could not win this battle. But he could fight his hardest. He could take some of these Sith down with him. He could weaken this threat to Coruscant. He could help the Jedi even with his dying breath. And so Kavar charged.

However, Kavar was not alone as he had thought. Hope remained still. For even as he tore through the first of the Sith soldiers, a friend was on his way.

Hundreds of miles away, in the Jedi temple, Zez-Kai Ell opened his eyes. Without a word he dashed down the steps from the meditation room, running across white stone hallways, dashing past statues of revered Jed Knights. Finaly, he arrived at a room filled with Jedi. Panting and out of breath, he somehow managed to yell loud enough for the whole room to hear. "Kavar is in danger, I have sensed it! Prepare a few Jedi, and get a shuttle ready to go down to the lower levels!" then, softly, amid the noise and confision that followed, Zez-Kai Ell muttered "There is little hope for Kavar. But maybe we can figure out what this new threat is."

Minutes later a team of twenty Jedi was assembled in the large halls of the Jedi temple docking bay. One by one, they boarded the orbital shuttle, preparing for anything that may face them in the next few hours. Among them was Zez-Kai Ell. A freind of Kavar's, he was very silent as he walked up the ramp and into the shuttle. He spoke to the Jedi beside him as the shuttle took off and rocketed through the nighttime skies of Coruscant. "I keep telling myself that Kavar is alive. But I know that he will not survive long enough for help to arrive. Much danger he was in. There isn't any hope for his survival."

"There is always hope." the Jedi answered. He was a green Twi'lek, Jorula by name. "Kavar is a recourcfull young Jedi. Perhaps you are right. Perhaps there is no hope. But in his death he becomes one with the force. That is something to be glad of."

Zez-Kai Ell did not feel at all happy. He could not see happiness in this situation. Perhaps when he was older like Master Jorula he would understand better. For now he was content to hope for Kavar's survival, a false hope it may be.

The pilots voice came from the front of the shuttle. "We're comming in for landing, I think I've found what we're looking for. Some sort of fight going on down there."

The Jedi leaned out the window. And saw what they had thought impossible. Kavar still lived, and still stood fighting. Almost half an hour had past, and yet the young guardians lightsaber still flashed, and fifty men lay dead by his blade. Jorula's words echoed in Zez-Kai Ell's skull as the shuttle landed in the middle of the ongoing battle. There is always hope.

The door of the shuttle opened. Twenty lightsabers ignited. And twenty Jedi charged. Kavar froze in shock as blue, green, and yellow lightsabers flashed around him, cutting down all in their path. Somehow, he would live to see another day. He whooped out loud.

The following battle was breif but brutal fighting. Jorula, a master of lightsaber combat, twirled his green blade as he cut down three Sith troopers at once, slicing another across the chest. Confused, the Sith tried to regroup, and sent a barage of baster fire at the new Jedi threat. They were soon silenced as the Jedi charged again, killing all in seconds. Those who didn't die retreated. The battle was won.

Kavar rejoined the Jedi, laughing, happy to be alive. The Jedi boarded the shuttle, and headed back to the temple. The new threat had been revealed. Dark days lay ahead for Coruscant. But for now, the Jedi had the upper hand.

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