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I wouldn't spend too much time working on that feature

After further testing I've decided (like all others before me I'm guessing) that inserting lines is not the best way to create a distributable patch. Although in theory I still like the idea...

Hope I didn't cause too much of a fuss.

Edit: Hmmm I keep coming back to this. Now I'm making a grenade mod and I've got it mostly ready to go, but I want a good way to get the sort order right for the lab station. I want each grenade to appear under the regular one of its type (IE frag grenade, frag grenade mark II etc), instead of just having all the grenades listed at the bottom.

When I manually edit the .2da, I'd just insert lines at the appropriate spots and hit renumber all rows when I'm done. I'm trying to figure out a way to achive the same effect with TSL Patcher.

Anyway, if you have any thoughts on how to make such a thing happen... I think the sort order goes off the row index and not the "RowLabel". So if you can re-index the rows you could still auto assign the next highest number availible for the "RowLabel" (IE Index 34,Label 306) and get the item to appear in the order you want.

If that makes any sense

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