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Yeah, I love that strategy! I pioneered this really cool strategy in galactic conquest you should try it out...

Sometimes I will purposly leave a level 1 space station undefended and let the enemy take the bait. I will have a hypervelocity gun ready for some destruction and if I lose the battle I will always have my main fleet consisting of 10-15 star destroyers, 10-15 victory cruisers, interdictors (these are important for this strategy) and tartans ready to defend my planet that is being attacked.

The planet that I let the rebels attack will always be near a planet with long range scanners so I can see where the rebels are sending their fleet then... it's time for the fun part of the strategy!

As soon as my enemy sends ground forces to invade my planet I will send my fleet to the planet first (I always get there first because I have my fleet standing by on a hyperspace lane) and destroy the enemy space forces orbiting my planet, I will usually win because of my massive fleet and hypervelocity gun (for Mon Cals, or home one).

Now for the final phase, The enemy fleet has been destroyed and the battle is won...except for one detail, the ground forces that the rebels have sent are still heading for the planet and can't turn back! When the fleet of 25-30 transports arrives I activate the gravity well generators (anyone who says interdictors are useless have never used them correctly) and then I destroy the rebel transports.

While I'm sure I'm not the first person to use this strategy it's still fun to think I am.

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