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Another chapter for you to make fun of. Just kidding.

Chapter 15: Spring the Trap
Sheng Xin looked like a sleepy town when the first of the Separatist forces approached the city. In the skies above, the battleships loomed like the black cormorants silently waiting to unleash their deadly arsenal. Governor Gisan was in the middle of giving a confirmation of orders when the first bombardments struck. The explosions rocked the palatial residence and sent debris flying everywhere. There were shouts in the streets as Dragus’ men came running at full speed with their weapons draw.

Out of the chaos came a voice of calm, “Now we fight.”

Gisan turned to see Selene of Amshrey walk double time out of the room with her blade drawn. She was joined in the foyer by a few hundred of her toughest warriors. Together they led the charge out to meet their enemy. The volley of fire and deflection began in both the skies and the ground.

It was quiet within the compound that nestled near the bulkhead that was imprisoning the kataran herds. It was so quiet that it was unnerving and would have shot bolts of fear down the spines of inexperienced warriors. Though that feeling was there, Nekang and Obi-wan pressed through the compound hiding amongst the various crates as cover. They made their way to the bulkhead and pressed their backs against it.

Nekang spotted the two guards first. She fitted her bow with two arrows like she did when she rescued Lilah and Obi-wan. Silently she drew back the sinew with an amazing amount of strength and released. As quickly as she let go, the two guards slumped over dead. Nekang and Obi-wan dragged them out of sight and Nekang policed them, finding some small grade explosives. She pocketed them, not saying anything about her behavior. They stayed low and headed towards the entrance to the command center. Obi-wan didn’t see Nekang leave behind a small bag, hidden between some crates.

The tunnel that led to the command center was guarded with two guards like the bulkhead. Nekang again took them out with the same deadly precision as the previous two. By this time Obi-wan was feeling uneasy. He voiced it in a slight whisper, “I sense a trap.”

Nekang gazed at him with her amber eyes and replied, “Then I guess we spring the trap.” She turned and entered the tunnel, guided only by the lights lining the side.

Obi-wan had no choice but to follow. He followed, trying to keep up with her swift movements. Oh this is going to be easy, he thought with the slightest hint of sarcasm. He didn’t hear the gentle chuckle coming from Nekang.

Dragus was waiting on the command deck watching the monitors. He had seen her and the Jedi enter the tunnel. He didn’t see the things she did before they came to the tunnel. He just stood there watching as they approached the security room, well, the supposed security room. He didn’t know if the girl was too clever or too dumb but he was surprised that the Jedi was just following her.

They were at the door. He watched as Nekang pulled a small kit from her belt. He was amused that she was resorting to what scoundrels and smugglers used. Still he had to give her credit for even bothering to learn. He thought to himself, Just like the rest of her family. He watched as she selected her tools to slice into the security panel. Her slim fingers moved with precision as they had been trained her whole life as she played with her wires. She finally opened the door. Once inside, she will find a surprise.

“Bingo,” Nekang muttered as she finally opened the security door. She was amused that Obi-wan was shocked that she had sliced into the terminal in the first place. She watched as the door opened to a room that was virtually unguarded. She frowned slightly at the scene before her. Something wasn’t right.

To her left Obi-wan was watching her back. He said softly, “Something’s not right.”

“Of course it isn’t. Drop the weapons both of you,” a voice sounded.

Nekang slowly stood up leaving everything on the ground where she left it. She turned to face a dozen or so warriors pointing various blades and blasters at the both of them. She motioned to Obi-wan to hand over his saber. She looked at the leader of the group square in the eye and said, “So, is this the welcoming committee or is this the part where I tell you that we are here to stop you?”

They laughed at her. The leader said, “Charming to the last. As much as I would like to press a blaster to your pretty little head, I am not going to deprive my superior the pleasure of torturing you for his own pleasure. Cuff them.”

Obi-wan and Nekang found themselves being cuffed from behind. It was a scene that would repeat itself later but then again, it was a sure way to get inside. Obi-wan was rather annoyed but Nekang was calm. Her face betrayed nothing as they led the both of them up a flight of stairs.

The forest was full of life, at least how it seemed to the many guards of the compound who were patrolling at the outer perimeter. They brushed this assignment as a cushy one considering that the local tribes didn’t resist. How could they when the main portion of their diet was captive? That alone would make them careless in their duties for they had no clue that they were being watched.

The forest was watching them with hidden eyes. The eyes were always watching, never moving. They would move when the time was right. Right now they were waiting to lure their quarry into a trap. One that would allow for a bigger plan to happen.

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