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Originally Posted by Shem

I'll give you a better look at what I did. I changed the models away from the female Jedi robe style because I do like the robes I made in my Prequel Style Robe mod, and I like the idea of only my PC using this style of robe. Makes her more unique from my point of view.

Here is my Sith Robe upclose

*images snipped*

You may notice that she's got skin texture on her hands. With the Atris style of robe, the model is based on not having gloves, unlike the Jedi robes. So I took the texture of from the original Atris robes and pasted it on these robes.
Looks great!

On the gloves, I did the gloves with the robes so that anyone who may play a black/Asian/Hispanic PC could use them as well. Also, if you will notice, Atris has some funky hands! LOL! That being so, I covered that part up.

But yours does look good!

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