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Anybody ever heard of the "speeder lag 'bug'" ?

I think I've got a theory as to why. I was playing siege earlier today and I had originally though, well hell maybe they forgot to clear ent->client->ps.m_iVehicleNum in StopFollowing because somebody had mentioned that it only occurs after spectating somebody.

This code is untested but I'm just wondering if maybe forcing the spectator to exit the vehicle if they were in one.

StopFollowing (g_cmds.c):

	if (ent->client->ps.m_iVehicleNum)
	{ //tell it I'm getting off
		gentity_t *veh = &g_entities[ent->client->ps.m_iVehicleNum];

		if (veh->inuse && veh->client && veh->m_pVehicle)
			veh->m_pVehicle->m_pVehicleInfo->Eject(veh->m_pVehicle, (bgEntity_t *)ent, qtrue);
note: make sure you put this above where it clears ent->client->ps.m_iVehicleNum.

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