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Exclamation Glitches!

Im making a glitches page for The Department of Death. I have the following glitches already:
  • When you’re on the roof near the beginning of the game, bite the mouth guard from Doms office just before the pigeons chase you, they will push him along.
  • At Bowsley's shop when you walk backwards into the door Manny reaches through himself to open the door.
  • When Celso leaves the DOD with only at walking stick he ends up at Rubacava before Manny through the woods whilst Manny is in the Bone Wagon.
  • Celso says that his wife died shortly after him but Velasco says she left 2 weeks ago on the same day Celso dies.
If you have had any glitches which aren't listed (whether they're technical glitches or storyline mistakes) please post them.

Thank you

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