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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Originally Posted by jediphile
What was the outcome of the G0-T0 vs. Remote cutscene?
Isn't it obvious? If you're on the light side, the remote somehow got by Goto to activate the mass shadow generator. If you're on the dark side, the remote fails.
And how? Because the way that scene ends, there is no way the Remote can fulfil his mission, since G0-T0 has total control over him and seems pretty adamant about not allowing Remote to destroy Malachor.

Sure, I know what was supposed to happen, but it's still missing from the game itself. And I actually take the fact that the matter is described in the New Essential Guide to Droids (where G0-T0's demise is mentioned, since LSF Exile is canon) to be an admission that this was missing from the game.

M4-78 may be cut content, because you don't actually need it in the plot. The same goes for the Genoharadan plot on Nar Shaddaa.

I don't think that's true for the G0-T0 vs. Remote scene or the HK factory, since both are pretty essential to how the plot eventually plays out. Without those, the story has plotholes.

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