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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Unlike KotOR, TSL expects you to think about these things. As the Ebon Hawk was extremely damaged, it would have been a stupid idea to just leave it there. It's most likely that the crew was repairing it. If anything, I would wonder about why only two companions can come with you on the Star Forge. The Ebon Hawk was protected by the Jedi, after all.

Isn't it obvious? If you're on the light side, the remote somehow got by Goto to activate the mass shadow generator. If you're on the dark side, the remote fails.

A minor thing buried deep in HK's dialogue compared to the huge plot hole in KotOR. They never even explain how Revan and Malak fell to the dark side. All that's stated is "something happened to them along the Rim", although it's never explained.

How? All that those cut parts of the game really do is show scenes with obvious outcomes, or add other things that prolong the gameplay and have no relevance to the plot .
My god.

In bold are words/paragraphs that made me laugh

"Most likely" & "somehow" prove there was something missing.

The fall of Malak and Revan isn't a plot hole if it was never supposed to be explained in KOTOR. I for one was never expecting it to. However the HK dialogue was clearly in place to be followed up. Whether or not you agree with my view about KOTOR, you can't make TSL comeplete by saying something else is more severly cut.

"No relevance to the plot" made me laugh the hardest. The cut content wasn't just relevent to the plot, it WAS the plot.
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