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Originally Posted by KingCheez
*deep breath*

It has to do with the behavioral patterns of the rabid fangirl who has no respect for canon, in which I must write a shonen-ai (it IS hard to write, mainly because it's so HARD TO DO IT WHEN IT'S SO RETARDEDLY WRONG), straight, and shojo-ai. (which is still hard to do because i hate writing) Then I record how many reviews each one got.

I normally never write things I don't want to because if I don't feel the "soul" in it then it sucks ass and I hate it and so does everyone else. But this has to be done.
I've done that.

I got raving reviews for all of them despite the fact that I intentionally wrote a cliched plot with many grammatical errors, bad characterization, a terrible style and even product names.
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