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Originally Posted by Jediphile
And how? Because the way that scene ends, there is no way the Remote can fulfil his mission, since G0-T0 has total control over him and seems pretty adamant about not allowing Remote to destroy Malachor.
So? The remote can still 'fulfill' his mission without destroying Goto. All he said was that the remote couldn't move. That little droid had a blaster. He didn't need to move to fire it. And for all we know, he didn't need to. The console the remote activated said the mass shadow generator was powering up. Goto didn't seem to know that, as he said he could permit the remote to activate the generator. For all we know, Goto could've gone on about with his little talk and the generator activated in the middle of it. But as I play as a dark side character, the issue never arises with me.

Originally Posted by Jediphile
I don't think that's true for the G0-T0 vs. Remote scene or the HK factory, since both are pretty essential to how the plot eventually plays out. Without those, the story has plotholes.
You have not responded to the major plothole in KotOR I pointed out.

Originally Posted by HerbieZ
That makes the movie of the Ebon Hawk falling one of the most comical highlights of the game to know as the darkside, your entire party are creamed inside a falling ship.
That is not relevant to my point.
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