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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
This has been discussed before, but I believe it can't hurt to bring it up again.
Yes religion is evil corrupt and of igorance. One reason being that some people who follow it sometimes used as justification for evil acts; Rawanda is one example of that and probably the Holocuast.

Corrupt because look at the Bush
administration for example, they have ban Stem Cell research because of that damn religion called Christianity so alot of people will become death's rewards from horriable diseases and genetics aflictions.

Igorance because, look at globle warming that administration have appointed lawers to censor climatologists reports about the Northern Hemisphere becoming a freezer in about a decade(10 years) if carbon dioxide emissions don't cease by then. Yeah you know that won't happen for about what?

Another 10,000 years if people keep listening to those f**king oil companies, in which that damn administration is connected to like white on rice.

Also another example of igorance is Bush policies that is affected by Christianity. Bush actally believe that Armageddon is going to happen very soon, so his actions isn't independent of his religious beliefs.

So you can say,he is preparing the world for comming of that f**ker God by any means possible.

A Second example of the igorance of religion is, the Dark Ages in Europe women was burn at the stake because of
religion and people like early scientist was ridicule and punish because they went aganist the bible.

Religion rule most of the civilize world back then so people lived in igorance for hundrens of years, because of religion's power grasp.

With that said, we will be probably traveling the galaxy now today if it was't for religion influences back then in the past. So the world will be better off with out it.

Also there will probably be never be peace in the Middle East if religion is still the issue there about who land it is base on their RELIGIOUS suppose facts.

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