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Whether or not religion is evil.. i have to wonder what the POINT of religion is. Organised religion that is.

If people want to have their own internal relationship with god, fine. I'm sure he'd like that. But why would he want people to get together in some sort of organised ceremony / structured organisation for his worship?

Its been the subject of jokes in everything from Monty Python to the Simpsons.. but why would a god CARE if you go to some building every week, or if you give moeny to said organisation, or if you sing a load of dull songs, or believe everything a guy in a dress and collar tells you to believe?

Heck, jesus spent half his time challenging the organised religion that worshiped his dad, and then that organised religion had him killed. If that isn't a lesson that you shouldn't trust organised religion, and that organised religion can stray from the path and develop incorrect beliefs then i don't know what is... their god fought them, then they had their god killed because they didn't agree with him!!

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