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Originally Posted by Ponaif
Darth Maul vs. Jengo Fett

1. Who is a more effective assassin?
2. Who would win if they got into a head to head fight (Jengo couldnt run away).
3. If Maul had to track down and kill Jengo, could he?
4. If Jengo had to track down and kil Maul, could he?

Hmmmm, they are both trained assassins, and or bounty hunters but who is better?
Terros, lol, they're especially lame when the answer is so blatantly obvious.

1. Darth Maul, he decimated Black Suns highest ranks with complete ease.
2. A head to head fight between Jango and Maul would be very similar to Jango and Mace Windus head to head fight, but quicker and with more things cut off.
3. Of course, he has tracked down and killed harder targets than Jango.
4. Jango might be able to track him, but Maul would probably ambush him and decapitate him before Jango found him.

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