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Originally Posted by Darth Andrew
On organized religion, I see it that people want to not feel alone in their worship and find people who also believe in their ideas. Plus, it can help people to grow in their spirituality, where solely praying alone would feel less fulfilling and keep them "in a closet". That's how I see it, anyway.
Praying directly with your god is less fulfilling if there aren't other people around?
That just goes to prove that all these great feelings and raptures that people supposedly have aren't anything to do with god.. its from all getting worked up like a mob.

Surely a private, internal experience with your god would be much more personal and profound?

I completely understand why people like to get together and feel part of a group, solidarity, belonging, friendship and all that. But it seems that some people are confusing those lovely feelings with some sort of divine light.

People love to get together in all kinds of groups.. groups of friends, sports fans, quake clans, muslim extremists, etc.. and they all feel better together, feel that they aren't alone, feel that they have others like them, make friends, convince each other they are right, etc... no divine inspiration there.

Surely it should be all the poor aithiests who need to get together in groups every sunday to re-affirm their self worth and their place in the world.
Those with god in their hearts shouldn't need that kind of buzz as they already have god.... don't they?

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