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Hey, Rahn is a more interesting guy than i first gave him credit for in that article. Gold lightsaber - very bling.

The Inquisitorious (?) would also make quite cool bad guys.. or alternatively a quite cool basis for a character to be part of.

Since I like the idea of a game where you are more free to choose sides, factions etc.. then maybe its a good idea not to be one of the main characters with a prewriten destiny.. but instead be a new character.. but involved in all that stuff back then.

You could be a young inquisitorious, part of jerec's team chasng Rahn. Then be around when Jerec of even Vader commits the atrocity that Morgan Katarn was aiding in the relief effort for when he found out about the valley. Then you could have Rahn and Morgan on one side, and Darth and Jereec on the other.. and you could choose a path anywhere between.
Kyle would be about 5 then, so even he could make a cameo.. which would be cool.

Its definately a time period with a lot more possibilities.

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