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Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
BFMEII is a poor excuse of EA to make us fork out some cash to buy their update for BFMEI that they never released. BFMEI could have used balance patches, modification to certain elements and the game would've been perfect. Instead, gamers got this lousy sequel to a very average game. True, there are improvements, but it doesn't make it better, at least not worth the full price of a game that should be an expansion pack.
That's exactly why I didn't buy it. Releasing BFME2 was an insult to those who owned the original. It's just a "nice" way of telling BFME1 players "We actually *****ed up with the original, but instead of trying to fix it we'll just release a whole new game that you'll have to pay full price for".

I still remember all the video interviews with the guy in charge of BFME. Name was Something Skaggs. He kept talking about the unit emotion things and the "alive" world and other stuff that, in the end, are either false or have a very small impact on the game. Do you honestly care if your swordsmen shake a little if they see a troll? Heck no. And their "living world map" was as static as a rock.

But EA are not the only ones doing this. LucasArts did it to us. Look at Battlefront. Do you honestly think that BF2 was worth a full price? It adds an incredibly flawed space combat. And I payed as much for it as I have for KotOR and Baldur's Gate (which I still play after 8 years). And speaking about KotOR, TSL was really borderline.

Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
Then comes E@W, which is pretty average too. Galactic Conquest and the Campaigns are fun for a while, the MP is non-existent or largely broken, skirmish mode isn't that interesting, the ground combat needs serious improvement. Its main redeeming point is the space combat which is quite spectacular. When there's lots of actions on screen, it gets really intense and is an exilerating joyride. The maps need to be bigger and the pop cap higher, at least for SP. Good thing that compared to BFMEII, the community gets really good support through patching and the like. Granted, some choices they made in the patches are debatable, but I applaud their efforts in supporting the game, even when the expansion was announced. Compared to EA, Petroglyph is doing an amazing job. For that alone, they deserve the prize.
Honestly, I played and liked Force Commander and SWGB more than EaW. I think EaW does deserve the price not so much because of the support from Petro (I've seen better), but because they did try something reasonably unique for a change. Did they do it well? Not sure. But they did try it, and that's still something. I basically feel the same about Force Commander. The system is unique enough. It stinks a little, but it's a change from the usual "harvest & build" common to RTSs.

Since you got the ball rolling, I'll say what I really think about EaW. I think ground combat is a joke. Space is interesting, but having only one star destroyer and 4 victories just doesn't cut it. Conquest is way to shallow to be interesting in the long run. The campaign stinks.

I actually think that it's EaW that tries to do too much in a single game, not Civ 4. EaW is basically two games in one, like the TW games. Unlike TW, they had to add space combat. To do this, they decided to cut the ground and conquest portions of the game. It's real shame.

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