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Custom T-Shirt designs

I am planning on making some Custom T-Shirts of one of my favorite games, Psychonauts! (seeing as how almost no Psychonauts shirts have been made) Problem is, there is basically no officially released artwork or anything. I need some images for the shirts but all I can really find off the net are screenshots from the game. Does anyone have any images that I could use?

And any good ideas for shirt designs would be great too! I was thinking of a series of shirts with the Spies from The Milkman Conspiracy and on each one they would have a different spy something from the level and they would each say something, just like the game. I can't explain it very well. But for example, on one shirt there would be a spy holding a watering can and the shirt would say "This is my watering can. I use it on the plants to water them."
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