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Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
To be fully honest, I enjoyed the "alive" world. Sure, it's gimmicky, has no impact on gameplay, but is a nice and enjoyable addition. Granted, they played that card to death, making it sound better then it really was, but I'm the kind of person who enjoys these little things. They don't add much, but it's still nice.

Come to think of it, Dawn of War also had the army painter which is totally useless gameplay-wise. It's a gimmick that adds a bit of flavour to the game and I really enjoy it. The difference is that marketing department didn't put too much emphasis on this.

The world map in BFME, though quite static, is beautiful looking. I mean, it's Middle-Earth, as far as I know, continents don't move overnight
Well, it is in fact a big marketing scheme. Yes, it was nice to see birds flying over the place. And no, continents aren't supposed to move . But they talked so much about it that it really led the player to believe that stuff would be happening. Things like bandits or Uruk parties roaming the land, or weather effects and such.

But yeah, it was beautiful to look at.

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