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Originally Posted by AFH
Im at the end of the imperial Campaign and have to take/destroy the 5 last rebel planets. They are full of Ion cannons, every 20 seconds one of my ships is disabled and the rebels attack me from the start and kill my poor defenseless ships ... Is there any way to destroy the rebel starbase and fleet without taking horrendous (sp?) casualties? I dont want to use the Death Star on all of these planets, thats just lame and boring.

These Ion cannons are way overpowered, the ships shield dont seem to come back after all ... and they cant move or shoot for a long time.
I had the same problem as well. Have you tried taking the last 5 planets on hard mode? The battle over Polus (I think it was Polus) took me over an hour to win because of the stupid Ion Cannon and the endless MK II Frigates I was fighting.

I find that Broadside cruisers help a lot against LV 5 space stations. Bring about 20 Broadside cruisers into battle and use the Barrage ability to destroy the enemy space station, it should only take about a minute or so for the Broadside to destroy the space station (Assuming you have 5 or more broadside cruisers in the battle at one time). Then engage each of the enemy capital ships and concentrate all your fire power on one cruiser at a time until they are all dead. Also, be prepared to suffer heavy losses.

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