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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
whenever religion is portrayed in fiction it is almost universally Christianity, not Judaism or Islam or some other religion.
Not by me. I'm unbiased in my rejection of superstition. Furthermore, Christianity and Islam are evolutionary descendants of Judaism. Both accept Abraham. Indeed, the first 5 books of the Christian bible are the Septuagint, a.k.a. the Torah (the Jewish bible).

But the Hindu religion is just as silly, with 1 god pretending to be 18. The Navajo religion with its sand paintings that heal the sick and witches (called yenaldlooshi, a.k.a. skinwalkers) that change into coyotes and wolves are fantastical.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
What of Christmas and Easter, are these to be rejected or do you still keep them just so you can get presents?
Santa day and Bunny Day! I love those holidays. Both of these have origins that are anything but Christian, by the way. But, regardless of their pagan origins of winter and spring celebrations, they have evolved into rich cultural traditions that no longer belong exclusively to Christianity, but to the societies they are celebrated in.

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