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While Malus was walking towards the hangar, his comlink immediately turned on.

"Lord Malus," A voice shouted on Malus' comlink, "The New Republic are going to Kashyyyk. According to Imperial intelligence, they have sent a Jedi Knight and a Padawan, along with some sort of Traveller. What should we do?"

"Prepare our armies," Malus told the man "We need to block off all access on Kashyyyk."

"Right away my lord." The man said, before turning off his own comlink.

Malus knew that there wasn't time. He ran to another hangar and got inside his personal Tie Fighter. Besides, he would see his new Fighters in battle. He longed to battle in space, because Kyle had never let him fight with the Raven's Claw. Malus also hoped he saw Kyle, because this would be his chance to kill him. Although Malus guessed that he wouldn't show up.
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