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(OT: I know, they first ask because they didn't know. )

The Raven's Claw landed on Coruscant and Kyle, Jan and Ryan made their way out. A droid then walked up to them.

"Welcome to Coruscant, how may i help you?

"We're looking for the Korr family, do you know where they live?" Kyle asked. The droid started searching and then answered.

"I'm sorry, but the Korr family left a while ago." Answered the droid. Kyle sighed.

"Do you know where they are now?" He asked

"I believe they decided to live on Naboo, in the city of Theed."

"Alright, thanks" said Kyle then turning behind to Jan and Ryan. "Let's go."

They entered the Raven's Claw and left for Naboo.
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