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Originally Posted by ForceFightWMe12
"Yeah, there're a few good landing pads open. As for the Remnant..."
An alarm began to scream at a deafening pitch, and Sara whirled at the sound.
"That can't be good." she murmured, and jogged back to the cockpit. "Damn!" she hissed, sliding back into the pilot's chair, starting up the engines. A fight had broken out between the orbiting Remnant fleet and a lone ship. Even though it wasn't truely a large fight, it was enough to hide them from notice -- for now. Taking advantage of the situation, she pulled the Northstream to the side, quickly sliding around the fleet.
"It looks like the fight is over, let's get the ship down on a landing pad and try not to get their attention. I'll go wake Kyla."
Jethro left the cockpit and went to the starboard dormitories.
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