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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Isn't it obvious? If you're on the light side, the remote somehow got by Goto to activate the mass shadow generator. If you're on the dark side, the remote fails.
If anything is obvious, its that Revan and Malak's fall is to be explained in K3. (I really hope they make that game)

Just because those of us who are realists admit that TSL is unfinished doesn't mean we didn't enjoy and continue to enjoy the game. It just means we believe its an unfinished game. Personally, I would love to have the plot at the end of the game a little more, shall we say, existent? What happened between Remote and G0-T0? Where did Mira go after killing Hanharr? Where is Bao-Dur? And what about everyone else in the party? What happened, what happened, what happened? As a closing statement, TSL is the most enjoyable game with no ending I've ever played.
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