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Before you all get too anxious to kick some Petro back sides, be forewarned. They are really good!! If Delphi's skill at space skirmish is any indication of how the rest of them play, then they will be truely hard to beat. Any prizes given out will truely have been earned.

The only question I have is: Do they plan to do each month at different times of the day to account for people all over the globe? If it's always going to be at 1 PM PST on weekdays, I'll have to take a half vacation day to get involved. lol. That may be worth the chance of getting play one of them.

The screen shots would really be something to keep for a while, especially if you could get a victory against Chris (Delphi). Beating the lead designer would be like a mouse taking cheese from the guy that invented the mouse trap. lol.

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