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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
So? The remote can still 'fulfill' his mission without destroying Goto. All he said was that the remote couldn't move. That little droid had a blaster. He didn't need to move to fire it.
Quoting G0-T0 from the game...
Touching. The probability of the Iridonian installing triggered commands within your core was high; I see the probabilities have played out.Of course, the probability that I would do the same is equally high. Your inability to move right now is evidence of that. If the General issues the command, only I will be here to receive it.You realize I cannot permit you... or the exile... to activate the mass shadow generator here on Malachor. In that, your programming and mine... conflict.And since you have no offensive weaponry to speak of, the probability of your programming overwriting mine is low.
Note "no offensive weaponry to speak of"... It says rather a lot.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
And for all we know, he didn't need to. The console the remote activated said the mass shadow generator was powering up. Goto didn't seem to know that, as he said he could permit the remote to activate the generator. For all we know, Goto could've gone on about with his little talk and the generator activated in the middle of it. But as I play as a dark side character, the issue never arises with me.
If you're unwilling to consider the LS ending, then what's the point here? After all, it's only in that ending that Malachor V gets destroyed, so there is no question G0-T0 won the fight in that sense.

Hmm... Actually, your theory makes me wonder how he stopped Remote in the DS ending, if he didn't know the mass shadow generator was powering up... Seems to me that's either incorrect or else it's another plothole. But from the G0-T0 quote above, I'd assume the former.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
You have not responded to the major plothole in KotOR I pointed out.
Nor do I have to. Indeed, I don't even have to agree that it's a plothole, which is the case here, and therefore irrelevant to me.

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