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Originally Posted by gswift
Yeah, that is exactly why I'm asking these questions. I have seen how creative and innovative the Petro guys can be when they set thier minds to something, so I was hoping they would let us know if it will work like other games, or if they have come up with something new.
Petro people seldom post here, so it's hard to tell what it will look like until they reveal some official information. Perhaps you could try asking this on the Petro boards (if there are any).

Originally Posted by gswift
Oh, and two more questions:

Will we be able to switch in and out of cinnematic mode in the replays?

Will the 1.6 patch allow replays in the original EaW, or is this only something available in FoC?
1. That would be a nice addition. Like I said though, it's really hard to tell at this point.

2. I personally doubt it, but I guess it would be neat.

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