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Honestly, this topic bores me. Loaded words abound and mass generalizations about some inherent evil, blah blah. It's been done before.

Religion kills people like chocolate makes Rosie O' Donnell fat.

There is no "evil" (note the loaded word) in religion. Religion itself offers peace and faith for those wishing to find it, and salvation in some cases. Other religions offer enlightenment.

What you do with it is up to you.

Religion's been the cause of wars, true. But how convenient for religion to exist as a scapegoat (read: cause) where power and greed are the true dogs of war?

x causes b

insert one of the following for x:

insert one of the following for b:

Fanatics are fanatics; it honestly doesn't matter what your belief is if you are a fanatic, you'll do whatever and justify it through any assortment of means (see x)

Quick checklist to see if you're a fanatic:
[]blind faith
[]blind faith
[]blind faith
[]random cause

check where applicable.

edit: @ TK - half the things in this world are illogical; it's what makes them beautiful. Don't let yourself be bound by logic. If you choose not to believe in something, then don't believe in something. Believe in disbelief.

Oh dear, did I just make you think?

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