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[FIN] The Empire's Will

The Empire’s Will

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Chapter 1: Creation

I woke up. I was in some sort of factory with children all around that looked just What was I? Who am I...?

I later learned that I am a clone of the man named Jango Fett, the galaxies greatest bounty hunter. The other clones and I kind of looked up to him as our father, even though we were one and the same.

They, as in, the Kaminoans, taught us everything from hacking into simple computers, to killing everything we saw with brute force. I was apparently number 105,624 of 200,000 clone troopers, with yet another 2,000,000 on the way. When I heard this, my hopes of becoming a great general fell. I mean, out of 2,200,000 soldiers just like me, what were the odds?

As I grew twice the rate of a normal human of course, my skills evolved. I could shoot blindfolded and kill whatever I wanted in a single shot. I was one of about 10,000 that could do this so they split us up into squads. I was hoping I would be a Commander, but instead they gave me a choice to put in a special squad that would be at the front lines of battle, or to be a long distance sniper. Although I would have done well with the sniper rifle, I chose the squad instead. And besides, maybe I would be leader of the squad!
I didn't become leader but second-in-command. I could order troops around, but only at the captain’s command.
Life was boring after a while here in the facility. Same training, same food, same guns every day. "I wish something exciting would happen around here!" I said to myself. But luckily, and horribly enough, I got my wish.

"What happened?" said a general.
"Someone is fighting up on a landing platform, sir!"
"Can you identify them?"
"Let's is Jango! But the other....Is...Is...A
"A Jedi? Can master Jango stand against a Jedi?
"He just escaped in his ship, General. I think the Jedi is going to chase after him."

The alarms went off. We were now at war with the ever growing army of the CIS or the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Apparently they tried to attack the planet of Naboo several years ago, but two Jedi, a queen, a boy, and some troops took it back, along with the help of the Gungan grand army.
"To the ships! To the ships!" cried a pilot. As I loaded into the LAAT Gunship, one of the most powerful airships ever created, I saw in the distance there was another LAAT that had a small green man. And at his side a saw...a lightsaber?! A Jedi tried to kill Jango, but yet we were working for them? What was going on? Did Jango do something wrong?
Luckily, a general had been in the ship with me. "What's going on? Why are we working for the Jedi, even after they had tried to kill Jango?" I asked. "Remember, we are clones, not servants of Jango. Whatever happens to him will not matter to us," so said the general.

"Where are we headed, pilot?"
"To Geonosis. There are separatist ships, foundries, and troops all over the place. About 2,000,000 more than us. Don’t think well win...”
"Nonsense! With our superior training we will overpower them with ease."

We arrived. The first objective: rescue all remaining Jedi. Apparently they tried to do it themselves, but failed. We were flying right above the arena in which the Jedi were trapped. I looked down, and what I saw was a circle of Jedi, about 20 at least, surrounded by about one thousand droids. We closed in on the arena and started firing.

Chapter 2: Geonosis

We swooped in, quick landing, almost fell out. The first thing I heard was "Round up the survivors in perimeter 3-8!" from the small green Jedi who I later learned was none other than master Yoda, head of the Jedi Council.
There were lasers everywhere. Mine too of course. And before I knew it, we had two Jedi and a young woman in our ship.
Flying with the Jedi made me uneasy, but I had to follow their commands. After awhile of dodging bullets, we flew across a ridge and what I saw below me amazed me. Blue and red bullets were everywhere. Green lasers from our (by far) superior AT-TE's flew across the sky. Purple streaked rockets missing us by inches but yet devastating tanks and men that were below.
We flew past a spire and saw a separatist core ship, which with just one you could conquer a planet, and several smaller Techno-Union transports. The younger of the two Jedi then yelled out “Aim right above the fuel cells!" So the pilot did so and sure enough, with just two simple rockets, a Techno Union ship fell with ease, destroying many droids and tanks.
"Good call my young padawan!" cried the older Jedi. And from then on I knew that these two Jedi would change the outcome of this war. Whether for good, for bad, or for an eternal conflict.
Even though I got the promotion to be on the front line of battle, I just so happened to be in one of the few ships that a Jedi got in, so I never got in any ground combat. We swooped down, fired rockets and lasers like crazy destroying several separatist Dwarf Spiders, Spider Walkers, Hailfire Droids, and droid soldiers by the second. But then the older Jedi saw something. The separatist leader had been speeding away on a speeder bike with just two measly ships behind him.
"Look over there! Follow that speeder!"
So we took chase. We followed him for a while. Then he, the separatist leader, decided to send his two ships behind us and fire. One to the left, one to the right, then swooping behind us and started firing like crazy. My life on the line, all I could do was hold on and hope for the best.
The pilot was swerving left to right dodging lasers. Doing this, he had no time to look at the desert terrain below us. He had not noticed the ridge beneath us. The bottom of our ship hit it, and the young woman fell, along with one of our soldiers...the general.
The younger Jedi was yelling at the top of his lungs to put the ship down. The older one telling him to calm down and what he should do. At one point I even heard him say "What would Padme' do if she was in your position?" From then on I knew I had just been standing next to Padme' Amidala, former Queen of Naboo.

We followed the speeder for a short time until it pulled into a hanger. We quickly landed, jumped out, and then started shooting at the ships that were following us from before. Our ship took off, only to be blown up a few seconds later. The Jedi ran inside while we tried destroying the ships. We took out one ship. I heard a yells of pain from inside. What was happening in their? Could the separatist leader just have killed the two Jedi?
We tried to shoot the ship down for a while until it flew a distance, turned around and aimed at me. My life was over.3...2...Boom! The ship had blown up and from behind it came one of our transports. In it master Yoda and some reinforcements. They landed then took off.
I heard more lightsaber dueling from inside. It soon stopped, but then I heard a rumbling sound. Out of the hanger door I saw a ship take off. At the same moment another of our transports had landed. The general and Padme' were inside. They got out, started shooting the ship as it flew into orbit, but with no success ran inside to check what happened.
Inside, we found the older Jedi, who I learned was Obi-Won Kenobi, one of the Jedi who helped retake Naboo, and Anakin Skywalker, who helped retake Naboo as just a 9 year old boy by destroying the droid control station, both hurt badly. Obi-Won had been cut in an arm and a leg, while Anakin had his entire arm cut off. We got them in a ship, and headed immediately towards our main base, or assembly area. We replaced his arm with a robotic one instead of a biological one, which had its pros and cons.

Hours later, all clones and Jedi on the planet loaded up onto ships at a huge landing platform. Me and the general were put onto separate ships and we took off.

Space travel was weird on the LAAT, but was alot different on a cruiser. It didn't even feel like we were moving.
As soon as I explored a bit, I went to the control room and asked the new general where we were going to fight next. He said that we fight wherever the Republic tells us to.

Chapter 3: A Galaxy of War

We were invading the droid recon station on the icy Rhen Var. Awhile into the battle we had a shortage of pilots so I volunteered. I hopped into the AT-TE, and headed toward the fortress. Then it happened.
While we were being pummeled by turrets, tank about half health, our backup tanks were destroyed and two AATs just appeared around the corner. The squad and I fought with all we had until we could take no more. I ejected but unfortunately the other pilots perished.
What troops we had were able to destroy one tank that was damaged quite badly, but we were no match for two. We dodged huge laser fire for a few minutes, but then in my head I was wondering "Where the hell are our new backup tanks?!" Then I looked forward and saw the tank aiming at me. I thought I was for sure a goner. But then I saw a rocket and a few blue lasers fly past my head, and it was over. The tank was gone. I turned around and saw two tanks off in the distance. I knew that my life had been spared.

Our next destination was going to be the Tibanna Gas colonies on Bespin, but we never reached our target. When we were heading over Tattoine, we encountered an abnormally large fleet of separatist long distance recon ships. I had manned one of the front turrets, and started firing away. 2, 3, 4 ships had been shot down in a few seconds. This was a piece of cake. 11, 12, 13.
I was racking up spare parts for an entire cruiser to be built when our worst nightmare came. A fleet of Separatist Battle Stations had just come out of hyper-space. They fired away, almost every large laser round pummeled us.
We realized that we were now no match. We ran towards the escape pods. I hadn't memorized the ship's design yet, so I just followed the other troops. Unfortunately, they weren't headed toward the escape pods, they were heading towards the hanger bay.
"Why did you lead me to the hanger bay?"
"Because of that!"
He pointed to a hole in the wall, where a Separatist cruiser had been boarding the ship. We got down behind some crates, and aimed.
"I have an idea!" I said,” just distract em'."
I ran off to the side of the bay, opened a crate, and pulled out an explosive. While he distracted the droids, I grabbed a few more explosives, and after a wave of droids came out, I snuck in the ship.
I ran down a few hallways, trying to find my way to the main power core. I heard a few droids walking down a hallway behind a closed door. I fired a shot to scare them. The droids got into a defensive position, while I laid an explosive on the door. It blew, I threw a grenade, and the path was clear.
I ran farther, eventually finding the bridge. It was empty. I ran toward a computer, found out where the engine room was, and went to it. I placed explosives on each core, and ran. 1 blew. The alarms went off.2 blew. I was about 50 feet from the exit. 3...2...1. I didn't make it. I watched the exit as it broke apart from our cruiser. As I drifted farther away I saw escape pods heading towards Tattoine. Then it hit me. What two things do all ships have in case of emergency? Of course, escape pods, but the other....
Backup engines. I ran towards the engine room again. I found that there had been 4 medium sized engines under the floor. I ran to the control room. "Where is the communicator? There it is!" I put it to the channel that the clones used to talk.
"Can anyone here me? Repeat. Can anyone here me?!?"
No answer. Maybe I could figure out how to drive this thing onto a planet. Tattoine was one option, or Kashyyyk. Kashyyyk was aways away. And besides, I don't even think I could make it there. I turned it for Tattoine, and looked for something to hold onto.

The force of hitting the planet knocked me out. I woke up expecting to find absolutely no one, but to my surprise I landed near a clone encampment of about 40 troops. They gave me some provisions then we slept.
The next morning we headed in the direction of what we thought was the nearest city. When we got there, we found many civilians dead and what was left was working in the nearest crystal mines. We devised a plan and headed to the droid encampment in the middle of the city.
"Snipers, to your positions. Grenadiers, behind the crates. Troops follow me.
We marched toward the base. The droids noticed at once. They started firing. "Spread out! Surround the base! Snipers, now!" About 20 droids dropped dead. "Grenadiers! Toss em!" Grenades surrounded the base "Get down!" Smoke filled the air. Droid parts everywhere. "Now...ATTACK!" The troops ran toward the base, wiping out everything in their path. All droids were gone and the base was ours.” Send someone down in the mines and free the prisoners!"

Chapter 4: The New Threat

"For brilliant tactics in the time when innocent people needed it most, I award all 40 troops of the newly formed Squadrant T-13 new battle armor suits! And for the leader of this group, we award a new upgraded gun and the right to command an entire squadrant of men to yourself,” said Master Windu as he looked upon his new squadrant of men.
"Um...Master Windu...uh...we.uh...have a problem.
"What is it?"
"They've revived General Grievous."

General Grievous. The most cruel, vile, disgusting general you ever heard of. He would send suicide attacks into Coruscant just to make us fear him. It never worked. We were somehow able to deflect, defend, and protect every attack he made, until recently, that is. He has been sending entire fleets down to a system just to take a base
After quite a few attacks on Coruscant, we finally found our time to strike. He had to fly over Coruscant to get to Naboo, and we had a space station close by. He would be trapping himself.

The time had come. Just before our attack we heard horrible news. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine had been captured by Dooku and Grevous.

"The clones will be shooting down aircraft and defending the city when it happens, while Anakin and Obi-Won land on the ship and rescue Palpatine. Squadrant T-13, you will be our prime offense, not defensive. That will be Squadrant D-34. For the rest of you! Get to whatever turret, ship, or ground fights you can!"

"Squadrant! I do realize that this may be our last mission together. This will be very rough, so always stay in groups of three at least. If you return alive, every one of you will most likely become captain, general, or a commander. I would also like to say that I have been proud to fight by your side! To your ships!"

"Y-Formation Squadrant! Head toward the capital ship and aim for the turrets! Good! Now break up the squad!"
Fly to the left, fly to the right, hit by a laser, barrel roll, destroy a ship, fly to left, fire a rocket, turret gone. This had by far been the most intense battle I had been in. Lasers everywhere, smoke filled the sky. "Take the turret!" I cried as I was hit by another laser. I flew up and turned around. There was Master Obi-Won and Anakin in their yellow starfighters. I looked down and saw that about 12 of my squadrant had died.
I flew down. Took out 7 droid starfighters and 3 turrets in rage. I felt like my own children had just been murdered. I flew with such great tactical advantages at that point that I could have destroyed and entire fleet by myself. 50, 51, 52, 53. Enemy ship remains were falling down to Coruscant like a meteor shower. But once again, my worst nightmare happened.
Dooku and Grievous had apparently noticed me. They sent a small fleet of ships and all turrets operational on their cruiser at me. I was no match. I swerved to the left, then to the right dodging laser rounds, only to be hit. They destroyed my engines. I was headed down to Coruscant; with no control what so ever.

Where was I? I had never seen this area of Coruscant before. The sky was filled with red smog. Instead of the normal tall buildings, they were about 5 story buildings with smoke herding out like a pack of Banthas.
This place creeped me out. Who knows what bandits, thieves, and criminals lurked down here. I started walking a ways until I saw people.
"Where am I?"
"In the industrial district. You better get yourself out of here, or you'll regret it," said an older woman.
I started walking more and more, only to find nothing. I looked up. I could see the top of taller buildings but I couldn't find my way to them. I kept walking. I eventually found an older man and an old run down transport.
"Excuse me, but could you take me to the nearest clone trooper garrison?"
"If you can fix my ship."
I looked inside. The radio was gone; the hyper-space teleporter was gone. Almost everything had been destroyed except the small, weak defense turret it had, and the ignition crystal.
"There’s a junkyard over there. I saw a few parts for my ship there, but they were too heavy to lift."
I headed to the junkyard. I searched around a bit. Nothing. I kept searching around. Still nothing. Why did he say he saw something here? There's nothing! But then I turned to a small stream of thick, disgusting slime. Their in it was a ship. A heavily armored air transport from a few years back it looked like. But then I noticed the shape. It was an LAAT.

"There! I finally fixed it up enough for it to fly!"
I started what was left of the ship. It started to rumble, but eventually lifting off the ground. It was slow, but it sped up eventually. I flew it a while, until I reached the part of Coruscant I was familiar with. I was just flying past a landing zone when half a separatist cruiser came crashing down in front of me.

Chapter 5: Betrayal

I landed in the nearest military base. I told the troops what happened and I asked them what happened to my squad.
"When they saw you crash down, they just lost all hope. They still fought, but eventually being crushed to bits. If it helps, here is your second in command's helmet. He asked me to give it to you before he died...
"Damnit! Why does all this bad crap keep happening to me?!"
I was confused. Every time something big happened, I get thrown out of the battle. Was it my actions that I took, or was it the "will of the force" that the Jedi always talked about?
"What was with the separatist cruiser that came crashing down?"
"Obi-Won, Anakin, and Palpatine were all on it. It was their only way to survive, so they took control of it. They're safe now, though."

Although my squad perished, I continued on. My next mission: help Obi-Won take over a planet's canyon. I was unsure of the name of the planet, but I knew where it was.
"All troops to the nearest hanger bay. I repeat all clones to the nearest hanger bay."
The time for the mission had come. I went to the hanger bay.
"Hey! You! Yes, You!"
Obi-Won was talking to me. I went over to him.
"I'll need you to take a squadrant of 2000 soldiers and follow me to the planet slowly."
"O, come on! I could probably take twice as many droids as you!"
"Just follow my command end everything will be fine."
Follow him? He wanted me to follow him? I was tired of this. Taking orders from Jedi. We were the ones risking our lives out there, not them.

Before we left, Palpatine told us commands in case of emergency. Order 64: kill friendly soldier if in terrible pain. Order 65: Flee if necessary. And my personal favorite. Order 66: kill all Jedi on command.

"Ok, now storm the planet!"
We flew in, landed, and fired like crazy. Droids falling everywhere. Obi-Won chasing Grievous on some kind of beast. A massive droid garrison headed our direction. I ran to the nearest mobile E.M.P. cannon, wiping them out in seconds.
We fought for hours, but the droids kept coming. The clone next to me found Obi-Won's lightsaber, which he had dropped. Then I heard it...
"Execute Order 66." From Palpatine himself. I turned the cannon toward Obi-Won, and fired. He fell hundreds of feet.
"There's no way he could have survived that fall."
"Sir, you have a message from Palpatine. He needs you to come back to the Coruscant."

I returned. I found that I was one of the very few that was chosen to accommodate Master Skywalker, who had recently been appointed Darth Vader, the new Sith apprentice of the dark lord, who we recently found out was Palpatine himself.
It did not matter to me anyway. I hated the Jedi. I was to go with Darth Vader on a mission to storm the Jedi Temple and kill all who come in our way. Criminals, civilians, and Jedi. Wait a second...Jedi? This was the moment I was waiting for. To kill as many Jedi as I felt necessary. And that of course, was all of them.
We marched in. Darth Vader scattered us though the temple to secure it. He chose 3 of us to accompany him personally. I was one, and I was proud of it.
We marched up floor after floor, killing all in our way. We finally reached our destination. The council room. In it Jedi children and teenagers were hiding.
"Master Anakin, are you going to save us?"
"No, I'm not!"
He pulled out his lightsaber, and slew all the Jedi in the room as we watched. I now just remembered that the first time I saw him I said to myself "And from then on I knew that these two Jedi would change the outcome of this war. Whether for good, for bad, or for an eternal conflict." I now knew that it was just 1, and partly for another. The 1 was the good: the meddlesome Jedi would finally learn their lesson. And the other, the eternal conflict. Only the thing was, it wasn't eternal. This war would end soon. To many this seemed wrong. To me...I loved it.

From planet to planet, we wiped out every Jedi and those loyal to them. I myself had killed 3, besides the ones that we killed when we stormed the temple. Palpatine had gathered the senate together and had officially declared himself emperor of the newly formed Galactic Empire. This is what I hoped for all along.
I had been sent to patrol an area outside the senate building when a speeder came up. It was a senator. Senator Organa.
"What is this?"
"There’s been a rebellion."
"Move! Let me through!"
"There's nothing you can do here! Now, leave before we kill you."
As he headed toward his speeder, a young Jedi appeared out of nowhere and killed the several troops near me. I shot him while Organa escaped in his speeder. Too late.

"Lord Vader, what ever happened to Yoda," I asked.
"We sent an army of clones to Kashyyyk to defend a massive droid invasion, but the last we heard of the troops was when we told them to kill him."
"Should we send an attack party to find him?"
"Not now. Now if you will excuse me, I have a meeting with the Emperor."
"Before you go, would you mind giving me a number fit for a general?"
"Fine. From now on you shall be Alpha 073."

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