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Chapter 6: The Rebel Alliance

The newly formed Galactic Empire was at its full power. Every rebellion that arose was crushed with hours. No one could hope to defeat us, yet alone stand a chance.

As we were about to head into out space cruiser, one of Palpatine’s attendants came to us.
“The Emperor has given you a personal order to scour the Galaxy in search for any hopes of Rebellion. Lord Vader would join you but he has been given a personal mission about something on Mustafar….”
Of course, with loyalty to the Emperor such as mine, I gathered my troops into the cruiser immediately.
“Get to your stations, and set us on course due to Mygeeto! The Emperor is counting on us!”

When we arrived at Mygeeto, we found no rebellion except for a small droid garrison that we must have skipped. We only lost a single soldier because a droid got a lucky shot when he was putting on his helmet. Otherwise, no rebellion.
Next we decided to head toward Yavin IV, a small Yavin moon covered in thick forest.

About half way there, we met a fleet of some kind of forces. We were just going to pass them but they started to fire, and we returned fire. I had not recognized this type of cruiser that they had, but our systems recognized it as a Mon Calamari cruiser. This was no simple threat. It had destroyed over half of our cannons when we had taken down their shields, not to mention our Communication Tower.
This was getting out of hand. I ran to our hanger and hopped into a TIE Interceptor and flew straight to their ship. They apparently didn’t consider me a threat, because they didn’t fire at me at all on my way to their cruiser. Perhaps they thought I was a negotiator coming to surrender. If they did, they thought wrong.
I landed, and grabbed my rifle from my ship. I ran right forward, and surprised attack a group coming through a corridor. These troops weren’t easy. They had the same type of tech as me. Where did they get it?
As soon as I wiped them out, only getting shot once, but my armor was too strong for a single laser, I ran back to my ship and called my cruiser.
“Calling for backup. Repeat. Calling for backup.”
“We’ll send reinforcements right away. What is your position?”
“Mon Calamari cruiser, hanger B. Hurry!”

A few moments later, backup arrived. They had brought 3 Lamba class shuttles, all full of about 10 troops.
“Okay follow me!”
They followed me to the corridor, and we proceeded from their. We found several enemy troops, which were a bit tough to take out. We eventually found ourselves in the control bridge. We wiped out the troops there and a hologram appeared on the center control panel. It was Senator Organa.
“If you don’t want to be wiped out, don’t mess with the Rebel Alliance. Now I suggest you leave before you are incinerated!”
I heard a timer, and what troops we had left ran toward the hanger.
“Into the Lambas! Quick!”
We took off, but unfortunately only one Lamba escaped, before the whole cruiser self-destructed.

Chapter 7: Yavin IV

When I returned to the cruiser, the other men and I were honored as heroes. Apparently everyone had the mind of a hypocrite. They congratulated me, but they had totally forgotten about the men that had perished on that cruiser.
“What’s wrong with you people? Why not think of the men that died to keep you lazy troops alive! If they had not sacrificed themselves we would all be dead, or captives, to be treated like slaves!”
With that I left and went to my captain’s quarters. This war was starting to get to me more and more. I couldn’t think straight. I was raging with stress so much that I passed out.

I awoke several hours later. One of my officers awoke me to give me the news that we were now above Yavin IV. I walked to the window and gazed upon the fiery red planet of Yavin. Luckily I would never have to step foot on that hellhole.
“Sir, would you like to stay here and give orders from a safe distance or go down to the planet?”
“I’m going down to the planet, as a soldier should.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, now load up the Lambas.”
“Yes sir!”

We arrived on the planet in a clearing only too easy to be seen. I knew this wasn’t going to work, but we had to try. Everyone shuffled out of the Lambas and broke up into groups of 3s, 4s, and 5s. I went north with a group of men that looked a bit freaked out. These must have been new troops, because they weren’t too skilled. They walked back and forth, not even bothering to walk around the bushes so that any rebels nearby couldn’t hear us.
When we walked about for 2 or 3 miles, the other troops suddenly stopped. They turned around and took off their helmets. These weren’t clones, they were rebels. They all pointed their guns at me and I dodged their lasers in any manner possible. As I dodged their bullets, I wondered,” What kind of moron let these people onto the ship?”
I had time to think about that later. Right now I had to either kill these men or flee. I wasn’t going to leave them alive. I hid behind a tree on there left, and jumped out and massacred them. One of them dropped a small bag full of some strange items….
I had seen these items many times before. They were lightsabers. There were at least 5 of them, and I knew what they were for right away. I had heard from Vader himself one day that there was a surviving Jedi Knight fighting with the rebels. I had been lucky enough to grab these sabers before he could have used them to possibly train more Jedi.
I put the sabers on my belt, but took one to examine it. I ignited it. It was the coolest color I had ever seen. It was like a mixture of blue and gray, and it being in an energy type form only made it cooler.
“I better hold onto this one, I might even use it sometime.”
I continued to travel through the forest, eventually coming upon a group of rebels discussing something at a small clearing in the forest
“….before the Imperials can find us. They landed too close to the Temple! If they just walk north for about 5 miles then they’ll find it! We have to evacuate!
“Calm down…I think I heard something over there!”
They slowly started to walk towards where I was. As soon as they came near me, instead of pulling out my blaster, I ignited my lightsaber. I cut them down in a matter of seconds, and what shots they managed to fire were deflected right back at them. I never realized how powerful this weapon was, and my aiming skills only made it easier for me to use it. I think I had just found my new best friend.

Chapter 8: The Battle of Blades

I ran north for as long as I could. After about an hour, I finally reached the foot of the rebel temple. There was only one word that could describe it.
Big. It was huge. Of course it was nothing compared to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. I ran up to it and hid in a corner by the entrance. A group of rebels of about 40 walked out. I wanted to test my skills with my new lightsaber.
“Hey rebels! Eat this!”
I rushed towards them and sliced about 5 down in a single swipe. It was getting hard, as this was one of my first times using my saber, but I eventually got used to it.
“Where did he get that lightsaber? It doesn’t make sense!” I heard a rebel say.
After getting shot once and wiping all the rebels out, I ran inside the temple. It seemed much smaller inside. I knew there was likely going to be many more rebels, so I snuck around instead of running. I crept up a staircase to the left and inside a small control room.
I found the transmitter, and destroyed it with my lightsaber. I wasn’t calling for reinforcements. This was personal for the men I lost on that accursed cruiser in space. I went to every control room, destroying every control, and slaughtering every rebel. I took an explosive and set in on the main reactor. I sprinted towards the hanger after I set it and when I got outside, it never went off.
I returned to the temple to see what the problem was and a man with very agile reflexes jumped down from a rafter above.
“I heard there was someone with a lightsaber massacring my men, so I investigated. But there’s no possible way a Clone Trooper has a lightsaber. It’s not possible. Oh, and if that was you’re bomb, you can blame me for the de-activation. My name is Krez Deflentor.”
“Ah, but it is possible for me to have a lightsaber, Krez. I’m guessing sometime today you were expecting a handful of lightsabers to be given to you. Well, let’s just say I “intercepted” them and took them.”
He was angered by this. He then ignited his lightsaber, which was a greenish bluish color. This must have been the Jedi Knight who survived lord Palpatine’s purge.
He rushed towards me and swiped right at my head. I rolled to the right and ignited my saber. Just as I ignited it he swiped and our blades met. We each swung left and right clashing blades, sometimes just barely missing each other and rolling out of the way. I found an advantage point and swung at his head but he jumped high into the air and back onto the rafter. I pulled out my blaster and started shooting, but he deflected the shots and I was the one who had to roll to dodge my own lasers. He eventually jumped down and started running towards me. I continued to fire but he ran up to me and cut my blaster in half and swung at my head. I pulled my lightsaber back out and I deflected his blade just before it brought me to my eternal doom.
He knocked my saber out of my hand using the force, which I could not use, so I was at a serious disadvantage. My blade flew over to the wall, into a dark corner so that it could barely be seen. I pulled out 2 of the other 4 lightsabers on my belt, which turned out to be green and blue. I fought him with all my might and actually just barely cut his armor, making him growl with anger.
He rushed up and cut one of the lightsabers in my hand in half. I tried to fight with the other, but I was too weak. I pulled out the spare 2 and swung left and right, dodging his attacks. Our blades clashed for about another half hour. Until he once again used the force and made one of the lightsabers fly out of my hand. I swung left, he dodged it. I swung right, up, down, left. No matter what direction I swung he dodged it.
I eventually made a horrible mistake. I tried to do an aggressive attack on him and had my lightsaber in the air, about to strike, when he then quickly sliced my arm clean off my torso and onto the floor. I was then knocked on the ground. He was just about to slice me in half when a red saber clashed with his.

Chapter 9: From Man to Machine

The man holding the red saber I had never seen before. He was wearing pitch black armor, and his breathing was very heavy. He also seemed a bit slow.
Nevertheless, the man was powerful. He was easily overcoming the Krez with single strokes of his blade. But eventually Krez had nicked the man in the leg and he had trouble walking. While the two masters dueled, I crawled away, slowly, in extreme pain. I eventually came to where my arm had fallen. I took the lightsaber out of my former hand and used my other hand to help me stand up. Krez was too distracted with the man, giving me the opportunity to strike. I snuck behind him, and when his and the man’s blade were clashing, I shoved my blade right into his stomach, and he fell to the floor writhing in pain. I took his saber and put him out of his misery.
“Who are you?” I demanded.
“Lord Vader. I can see why you could not recognize me.”
I stepped back in surprise. Could this really be the all powerful Lord Vader, whom had put me into the rank I am in today? This could not be possible.
“Well, if you’re Darth Vader, then what was the title you gave to me back on Coruscant?”
“Alpha 073, do not question you’re authorities. It can get you into dangerous situations.”
This was really him. I could not believe it.
“My lord, what has happened to you?”
“When Palpatine sent me to Mustafar, I battled my old master, Obi-Won Kenobi. Unfortunately, do to my carelessness, he struck me down. I was cut, and I was burned. It was pain you could not even imagine. My lord found me, and rebuilt me. I am now almost complete machine, which has slowed me greatly. I am very lucky to be alive.”
I bowed down to him. Somehow I now knew this was really him.
Before we left the temple, I gave Vader the spare sabers but I hid mine away, as I had already claimed it as my own.

After we had finished discussing the matter, we gathered our troops and returned to the Lambas.
“How many men did we lose, Commander?” Vader asked.
“Let’s see….23, 24, 25….we lost about 15 troops. Not a bad tragedy, but still a loss nevertheless.”
“We can get more troops later. Let’s return to your Star Destroyer.”

As soon as we arrived on the cruiser, I consulted Vader.
“My lord, is it possible for a clone as myself to learn the will of the force?”
“It’s possible, but it will take several months to even master the simplest powers of it. It is a force not to be reckoned with. If you wish to learn the ways of it, I can teach you, but I will need permission from my master.”

They replaced my arm with a mechanical one, which like Vader’s arm that was replaced when he was still Anakin Skywalker, had its pros and cons. It was much swifter, but it often malfunctioned due to lasers hitting it and other problems.

Chapter 10: The Death Star

The answer was no. Lord Vader had asked the Emperor, but he denied it. I did not really care though, as I was already good enough with the gun, and was now building my skills with a lightsaber.
My next mission was to defend a cargo transport convoy to an area near Coruscant, from Tattoine.
When I arrived on Tattoine, I returned to the old droid encampment I had taken over in such a brief time so many years ago. It had changed a lot. The city was now bustling with droids and civilians, trading everywhere from street to street. When I found where the encampment was, I found a few of our troops guarding it. They looked at me and went on with their business, as they were told to do.
I returned to my ship, and headed into space. The convoy launched, and we set off. After about 5 hours of slow travel, a small squadron of rebel ships came out of hyperspace. I expected more, so I set the other ships with me into attack position. We engaged the rebel squad, who had turned out to be more skilled than we thought. We lost about 5 TIEs when we finally wiped them out, and then just as I expected a transport and about 30 other fighters came out of hyperspace. We engaged in a roaring battle of smoke and lasers. W lost a cargo ship, but eventually made it to Coruscant. When I arrived there, I saw something I had never expected to see in a life time.
There was a metallic moon, man made, about half way covered with the other half like an empty shell. I wondered what it was. I flew down to Coruscant and landed near the Capitol Building. I walked inside and witnessed the Emperor giving a speech.
“…that has been constructed will be the most powerful thing ever created. It will be able to demolish a planet in a single blast. This battle Station will ensure victory for the Empire! This battle station will be feared in its power as THE DEATH STAR!”
The crowds cheered and screamed with anger. It became a room of turmoil when a few senators aimed blasters at the emperor in rage of this “unjust decision.” I pulled out my blaster and shot whoever had a gun out.
When everything had calmed down, I noticed someone was missing. Senator Organa wasn’t there. When I saw this I remembered that he was the one who sent me a message inside his cruiser. I knew my next target.
The emperor looked up at me and just gave me a small nod. I got into my ship and went to the nearest garrison of troops and gathered as many as I could. We set off for Alderaan, Organa’s home planet, immediately.

When we arrived, we found it difficult to land. There were rebel stations and lookout points everywhere. When we finally found a landing spot, we gathered in a group, and marched toward the capital city of Alderaan.
It was amazingly difficult for us to reach the city. There were rebels absolutely everywhere. We split up, and took out the rebels from safer distances. When we arrived at the city, I entered Organa’s home and found that he had evacuated. He knew we were coming ahead of time. I didn’t care. I would track him down and hunt him like a bounty hunter if it was the last thing I did

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