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Chapter 11: Reytha

We wiped out the remaining rebel forces around the capitol city. We did not dare go after all of them on the planet. We would be blasted to bits.

After searching the area for a few hours, I contacted Lord Palpatine.
“What news have you, commander?”
“We have taken the city, my lord, but there are still many rebels on the planet. I would not consider sending an army to destroy them, my lord, as they have much cunning and are I am sad to say they are as skilled or more skilled then us.
“I will take your considerations into thought, commander. I will not send an army to take the planet but I will send one to secure the city. If this is the rebel headquarters, then I want them to have to put a very strong offense to take it back. This will at least weaken their numbers.”

As he said, lord Palpatine did send reinforcements to set up defenses around the city. They brought huge cannons and several aircraft to take out any nearby bases and defend the city. He also told me to scour the galaxy for Organa. But later the same day, lord Vader also had given me a command. He wanted to take out a large rebel installment on Reytha, the Empire’s chief food supply planet.
I did not want to go against my lord’s commands, but I did happen to have a little more faith in lord Vader, as he had given me a high rank in his forces and had saved me from death. But I also wanted to carry out Palpatine’s commands. So I devised a way to do so.
I decided to hire a bounty hunter to find Organa, while I took out the rebel installment on Reytha. I had found a special bounty hunter, who was someone I had never expected to see again. His name was Boba Fett. He and I, and all the other troops had exact same DNA, but he had not aged as much as us, as he was not in any way genetically modified.
He was not the person who liked to talk, so I just told him his objective and he went away, into his father’s old ship, Slave I. I had not seen that ship since about the last time I saw Jango.

The other troops and I gathered onto the ships, and set off. We arrived in Reytha several hours later. We flew into the atmosphere and departed.

The planet was almost like Yavin IV, but much less forested. There were food gathering plants and people tending herds of nerfs everywhere. But I did not have time to study the area; I had to destroy the rebel installment.
We all headed north for a few miles and headed into a forest. We found a group of rebels marching our direction, so we split up and opened fire. Right away we took out about 10 troops, but even though they were ambushed, they did the same. I did not understand why these men had such superior combat training, but we managed to defeat them anyways.
We continued to travel north, eventually finding the rebel camp. It was not all that large, but it had heavy defense turrets surrounding it. I thought of a way to get near the turrets, but I had to make sure my men weren’t around to see it. I would use the lightsaber.
“Everyone head to the north side of the base and attack from there. They have less defenses there. No exceptions! Everyone go now!”
They immediately snuck around the base and started to open fire. The rebels were to distracted with them so I pulled out my lightsaber, and rushed toward the nearest turret.
I deflected laser shots as they came near me, making it easier to get to the turret, and cut its power cord. I did this for all the turrets in the area, along with slicing all men that came near me. Within about an hour or two we had taken the base, and captured about 15 rebels.
We held a small victory feast and helped put defenses around the base. Not too long after that, I received a transmission from Alderaan.
“Sir, you need to return to Alderaan! Organa has come and set off his army! The whole army is made up of….Aaagghhhh!”
“Come in trooper, come in! What is it an army of? Hello? Is anyone there? Crud! If you can hear me I’m on my way!”

Chapter 12: Organa’s Weapon

I ran to the ships and set off as soon as I could. I didn’t even bother to return to any of the Star Destroyers in the area. If Organa had returned, it was my priority to kill him immediately.

I arrived on Alderaan and landed in the capitol city. I quickly exit my ship and searched the area. There was no one in the city. I ran toward the outskirts of the city and saw something that I couldn’t believe. There were about 300 clones out there being wiped out by an army of about 20 Jedi. How they had survived the purge, I had no idea.
I immediately pulled out my Lightsaber, not caring who saw. I ran straight toward the Jedi and started to attack. I must have gone mad. If I was just a clone with no Lightsaber training whatsoever, there was no way I was going to stand up to an army of Jedi.
About 3 of the Jedi noticed me and attacked. I continually moved my arms to clash blades with there’s, waiting for the opportune moment to attack one. I killed one that was quite young, and had not had much training quickly so that it was a bit easier to kill the others. They swung left and right and using the force to knock me down but I was too agile for them. I quickly rolled behind one and cut him in half. There was only one on my back now, but he was very skilled.
He jumped back and forth so fast that I barely had time to clash blades with him. He eventually cut me in the leg, so that I was limping in serious pain. He then used the force and took my saber and was just about to kill me with his, when I pulled out my blaster and quickly shot him. There was a now fatal wound in his chest.

The Jedi dropped to the ground dead, and I grabbed my lightsaber as I limped back to the city. The medics there quickly replaced the large chunk cut out of my leg with more machines.
I went into our communications building and contacted Vader. There was no response.

I headed back to the battlefield. We had very little troops left, but they had lost at least 7 Jedi, not counting the ones I slew myself. I saw the last of our troops get cut down on the battlefield, and I quickly ran into the city and into the hanger bay we had taken in the city. Inside I found just what I was looking for…and AT-TE.
I got inside and started to walk the thing through the city. It was slow, but just being inside it you can feel the power surging through this mechanical demon. As I started to exit the hanger bay, I noticed Jedi running through the city. They must have destroyed the defenses.
I walked down the nearest street and found that the Jedi were scattered throughout the city, instead of being in groups. Every time I came across one I fired at them, and they could not stand up to the power of this thing even the slightest bit.
I eventually found a surviving group of clones, and they loaded up into the AT-TE. One of them manned the top gun, making it easier to kill Jedi from long ranges.

Once we thought the city was cleared, we all got out. We walked in a group as we searched the city for survivors, but found none. We counted the bodies of Jedi in the area, but there was a problem…the body count was only 19.
After seeing this stayed on our and each others guards. Even if it was just one Jedi, he was powerful. We continued to walk down the streets, but failing to find the final Jedi.
We were just about to leave when we heard a lightsaber blade being ignited, and we saw the Jedi standing on the other side of the street we had just stepped onto. He looked more powerful than any other Jedi that was in that battle.
The Jedi jumped high into the air. I quickly rolled away while he landed behind us and instantly killed all the men I had found. I pulled out my Lightsaber and began to duel.

Chapter 13: The Rebel’s Plan

He slowly walked towards me, probably thinking that I was going to be nothing but a nuisance. I would show him that I would be more of a threat.
He attacked, with such great force that he almost hit my lightsaber back at me. I swung left and right attacking, but he showed no signs of any stress. I tried a bit harder. I continually swung left and right hoping to tire him out just a little, it never worked. I still swung as hard as I could from side to side, him eventually showing small signs of overpowering him. But he just shook it off.
The street became a raging battlefield of blazing blades. He eventually started to jump behind me hoping to hit me, but I just rolled forward and quickly turned around and our blades met.
We fought for hours, each showing great signs of pain in our bodies. This was not because of hitting each other; this was because we had each been moving with all quickness and might in our bodies.
A little while later, I noticed a Lamba silently land in the hanger. I saw several troops run from the hanger to where we were, and watched in awe. I did one final clash of blades with him, and pushed him back a few feet. I put my lightsaber away, and he watched me, having no clue what I was doing. I pulled out my blaster, and aimed it at him. When he heard my gun being reloaded as I pulled it out, he heard several others too.
He looked behind him, and noticed the several clones behind him. We fired, with him only blocking a few shots until he eventually fell to the ground, in extreme pain. He was full of bullet holes, but he was still alive. I had no idea how he survived. I ran up to him and took his saber, then called for a medical capsule immediately. If we had someone who was extremely hurt, we were going to question him before he fell into eternal slumber.

We had him brought to Coruscant, and mind-probed him. It did not work. He was using the force to make sure we didn’t find any rebel information. We used a different method. We requested lord Vader to come and use the force on him, hoping that would work.
Lord Vader came, but not alone. The Emperor came with him. They immediately went up to the Jedi.
“You Jedi scum tell us what information you have, or we will force it out of you, in a way that will be most painful.”
“I…refuse…to talk…”
“Lord Vader, force it out of him, with any means necessary.”
“Yes, master…”
Vader walked up to him and gazed directly into his eyes. The Jedi started to squirm but Vader just used the force to hold him still. The Jedi put his hands around his neck and started to talk with extreme difficulty.
“We…were plan…ng…to take…..Corus….t…..We….ha…a…arm…y….on….Kashyyyk….”
And with that he fell silent, and stopped breathing. He was dead.
“Commander, gather every troop in the area and set off immediately for Kashyyyk. We cannot let an army of rebels take Coruscant, no matter what the costs!”
“And I have another objective for you there.” Palpatine interrupted. “There has been a rumor about a certain type of blaster crystals on Kashyyyk. If you can find them, return them to me at once.”
Vader began to talk again. “I will come with you, and help you with the battle. We have been running low on troops, and even with you there our army will perish. I will lead the attack myself. Now prepare my shuttle for immediate takeoff.”

We set off from Coruscant, with an army of about 400,000 troops. We had our newly built AT-ST’s, which were a cockpit with legs, mounted with powerful blasters, along with 5 Star Destroyers, and our new weapon, an AT-AT.
The AT-AT was a little bit like the AT-ST, but so much larger and so much more powerful. It was around 50 feet tall, with blasters that could annihilate an army in seconds. With this new weapon, I felt like we could destroy any army the Galaxy could muster.

Chapter 14: Assault on Kashyyyk

We arrived on Kashyyyk a few hours later, ready for battle. We immediately loaded off the transports with guns loaded, and armor on. We landed near a Wookiee garrison, and they noticed us right away. We all new not to mess with the Wookiees, as they were expert gunmen and their thick fur served as their armor.

We all loaded up in the AT-ST’s the AT-AT. A squadron of men were to begin the assault on foot. I was chosen to lead the ground forces. We headed south into a forest, and started to attack a small Wookiee outpost in the woods. It was not too difficult to take it out, as there were no turrets and very few Wookiees.
We set up a perimeter around the outpost, and used it as a staging point. We set up a communications array, and had them send in the AT-ST’s. I had a few men stay at the base to defend it, while the others continued on.
So we continued to go south through the forest, eventually coming upon a great clearing, with which it had an entrance to the sea, and what looked like an abandoned command center. We entered the command post and then called for the remaining reinforcements.

We stood watch at the command station, as our army drew near. As we were waiting, a rough rain began to fall on. This was going to slow our army for quite awhile. We would just have to wait it out.
We had one man stay guard in a sentry tower on the command station, but it would not be much useful anyway, as the rain had begun to fall harder. We all stayed inside trying to contact our army, but with no success. We all then decided to take a quick nap, which we had at least deserved.

I awoke several ours later to sound, which I had heard before. The sound was almost like a light stomping noise. Ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch….
I got up and went to the sentry tower to see what it was. I climbed the tower, and saw through the darkness and rain something I had not expected. There were around 700,000 rebel troops, standing on the shore. I was the scariest thing I ever saw.

I quickly ran back and woke the other men. I told them of the troops, and we manned our stations. The rebel army continued to advance up the shore, eventually halting some 50 feet away.
“Soldiers! At the ready! Into attack position!”
At that moment, the rebel army got on one knee, and took aim.
I quickly yelled “Take cover!” to my men. We all hit the ground as a barrage of some uncountable number of bullets. My men and I held out as long as we could, not killing a single rebel.
After about an hour, the rebels decided to cease fire. They must have thought we were dead. We made them think otherwise.
“One of you grab a sniper rifle, and get to the tower.” I whispered to my men. ”Go for their commander first, and then they will be in a confused state, but still powerful nonetheless.”
One of the men left without excuse. We waited in silence as precious moments rolled by. Within the next minute or so, we saw a sniper shot streak across the sky, right through the rebel commander, and we watched as he fell to the ground, released from the Jaws of Life. That was one. Only about 699,999 to go.
We slowly stood up, and began to fire like crazy. They returned fire, wiping out a few of our men. The sky was a sea of red and blue shots. We needed to take out larger groups at a time then just a single bullet per person. We each threw a few thermal detonators, wiping out around 200 soldiers, since they were in such a tight formation.

We fought for hours, firing, and returning fire. The ground was becoming like a barren wasteland due to the grenades.
We had lost about half of our soldiers, while many others were injured, when we finally had hopes of winning this battle. Off in the distance, I saw a small shaft of red light appear out of the darkness. Vader and his army had arrived. They rushed forward, wiping out men as they went. I watched as Vader took out several men in quick swipes with such skill that I had the urge to join him.
I pulled out my lightsaber and rushed into the battlefield. I cut through rebels as they came my way, eventually becoming overrun. I knew I was just about to fall dead. I suddenly felt a jolt of power surge through me as they came near. It was an incredible feeling. At that moment all the rebels near me suddenly flew back through the air landing on the sand.
I knew what that power was, but I knew that it was impossible for me to use it. Had I just really used the Force? But how? It couldn’t be possible.

Chapter 15: The Will of the Force

As the battle raged, I could not figure out how I had used the force. I am a clone, and even I realize that I have not near enough mediclorians in my body to use even the simplest amount.

The battle ended several hours later. We searched the rebel bodies for anything that might have been important, and found only 1 thing. Lying beside the rebel commander’s body we found a small box with a small button on it. I took the box and pushed the button, opening a small chamber in the box, in it laying the crystals the Emperor had wanted.
We then left the planet, leaving behind several troops and the AT-AT to defend the command station. We all looked back at the hellish battlefield before we loaded onto the Lambas. I finally noticed how many people had died. I didn’t realize that all 700,000 rebel troops were dead. Even though we came through victorious, this was still a sad day for the Galaxy.

Lard Vader returned to Coruscant, but I did not give him the crystals. I went with Vader to consult the Emperor.

“Soldier, have you found the crystals I was looking for?”
“No…no sir.”
“I can see through your mind commander, now hand over the crystals!”
“He does not have them, my lord.” Interrupted Vader. “We scoured the planet for them, but couldn’t find them. Now let him leave. I need to discuss something with you my lord…”
Vader had stood up for me. He knew that I was not going to give the Emperor the crystals. I was going to use them myself. But first I wanted to eavesdrop on their conversation.
“My lord, have you noticed how powerful that soldier has been becoming? He has been killing massive amounts of men, without getting touched himself.”
“Yes, I have noticed. What also troubles me in how he was able to survive getting his arm removed and still alive? That would have killed any normal trooper. This one is not normal.”
“My lord, is it possible that he was purposely made this way? I mean, none of the other troops have shown this amount of power, and I am beginning to feel slight amounts of the Force surrounding him.”
“This is very odd indeed. But we will discuss the matter later. Right now we have been hearing rumors of an attack on the Death Star…”

I could not believe what I heard. Was I special? Was I made different?
I had to solve this mystery alone. I went immediately to my ship, and set off for Kamino. If I was special, the Kaminoans would surely know something about it.

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