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Chapter 16: Return to Kamino

I landed on ran inside as soon as I could. I entered and found several more clones being created. But I did not have time to watch them; I had to find my answers.
I ran through hallway to hallway, finding very few Kaminoans. I eventually ran into the Prime Minister.
“Odd. Why has a clone troop such as yourself returned? We have been sending more clones about every month, and these ones are almost ready.”
“Sir, I didn’t return here to see the clones. I came here to ask you about me. My creation.
We were walking down the hall when we were talking, but when I sad that he stopped cold.
“I knew this day would come. Please follow me.”
“He led me to a small almost waiting room type area. It was very comfortable.
“You can take off your helm if you want.
I took off my helm, and he gave me a small mirror. I gazed into it, noticing that I no longer looked anything like a clone trooper. I had almost looked a normal human. Just born and raised. I was startled beyond all things.
“Many years ago, when you were created, a Jedi about middle-aged came here and gave us a sample of blood from a small boy from Tattooine. He told me to use it on one of the clones, in case of emergency. I immediately found one of the clones, all of which were babies at the time, and injected this DNA into him. That clone was you. I’m guessing that DNA had I high amount of Mediclorians in it. Have you been able to…use the Force?”
“Actually, yes I have. It struck me as odd how a normal troop could use the force, while many could not. But what has changed my appearance?”
“Ah, that I also can explain. You see, you were normally cloned to be like Jango, yes? Now with the DNA of this boy, you would have slowly begun to look like him. But cloned like Jango, it took awhile for it to have its effect. Your Jango appearance and this boy’s appearance have now merged, making you have a body of your own, which I’m also guessing skills with a lightsaber.”
“What has happened to the Jedi?”
“Ah, I heard of his death, I did. I heard that he fell valiantly in battle, against a Sith lord. Yes, even the news of the Sith returning have reached us here.”

He continued to explain all my questions. Why I had used the force. Why I had looked different. And why I had been so skilled with a lightsaber.

With my mind about to burst with information, I had still had trouble figuring out one thing. What did the Jedi mean when he said “in case of emergency?” I did not understand. But I did realize one thing. I was no longer a clone. I was no longer held down by the clutches of the Empire.

I left my helm there in that room. I would never need it again. I ran straight toward my ship.

I took off and headed straight toward the Rhen Var System. There I would begin a new life, and begin to train my Jedi powers in solitude.

Chapter 17: Return to the Empire

For many years I trained on the icy cold planet of Rhen Var. Through harsh training, and intense conditions, I was able to focus my mind on the living Force surrounding me.

For around 10 years I trained there, finally deciding that I would leave this planet, hoping to never return. It took some time to remove the ice from my old Republic Starship, but it eventually began to run.
I climbed into the ship, and set off. As I left the atmosphere, I looked back at the planet below me. I noticed several cities on the surface, now shining almost as brightly as the planet. I’m glad I never noticed them before, as they would have drawn me away from my solitary area, and my training with the force.

I flew towards Coruscant, hoping to see that things had not changed much. When I arrived, I noticed that it had changed quite a bit. Large parts of the city were in flames, with many other parts wiped out. I’m guessing the rebel Alliance has been working itself to the max to retake Coruscant, but had been unsuccessful.
I landed where I had landed the very last time I was on this planet, right at the entrance to the Capitol Building. I got out, and walked up the stairway to the meeting chamber. A few troops tried to stop me, but I just used the force and pushed them out of the way.
I went immediately to the chambers, and found no one there. I went to the Emperor’s chambers, and found someone whom I had not seen for 10 years. His armor was black, and his breathing was heavy. It was lord Vader.
“I have seen you before, but have not seen you for a long time. State your name.”
“Can you not even recognize your own commander?”
He stepped back at these words, not realizing that it was me, until I spoke the word commander.
“Alpha, it has been far too long, and far too many troubles have happened since you left. Where did you go, and what did you do? The force surrounds you, more than it did 10 years ago.”
“As for where I have been, I have been on Rhen Var, training through extreme weather and difficult times. It has changed me forever. I can use the force, and have been training with a lightsaber.”
“Well, it is good to have you back commander, and if you wish it, I may reinstate you to your former position as commander. Do you wish this?”
“Yes, I would actually like to use my training for the good of the galaxy, regardless the thoughts of the public.”
“I hereby reinstate you as commander, and I send you immediately to our battle station, the Death Star, to command our troops in a defensive maneuver to fend off rebel attacks, as we prepare to destroy Yavin IV, once and for all.”
“Sir, may I ask for original clone armor? I was used for the clone army, and I will wear that armor which my men and I used so valiantly in battle. I would also not like them to see me in my current…condition. As you see, I have changed. I….”
Commander, there is no need to explain. I have gone to Kamino and the Prime Minister has explained everything to me. I know understand how you are able to stand up to many troops, without any training whatsoever. Yes I remember several years ago.
On one occasion on Yavin IV, I remember seeing you fighting that Jedi, Krez I believe his name was. You stood up to him quite well, until he got your arm. I had to step in, but you still fought valiantly nonetheless.”
“Well, my lord, I will set off for the Death Star immediately, as soon as I get my armor.”
“Ah, yes. We recently returned to Geonosis and scoured the planet for any rebels. We found none, however I did find several clone trooper corpses. We took their bodies, and gave them a proper burial. We took their armor, and have been saving it for new troops. Here.”
He gave me a bloodstained clone armor suit from a small supply room. I remembered wearing this armor on the hellish landscape of Geonosis. It was almost all a blur to me now, but I still remembered losing many soldiers, almost getting killed myself.
“Take this also. I took it when I talked to the Prime Minister.”
He gave me a helmet, going perfectly along with my clone armor. I knew of course that this was my old helmet.
“Would you also like a new aircraft? We have advanced our technology several times since you last left.”
“No, I’m sorry I don’t. I am used to the old Republic Fighters. It is too late to change my opinion now. Now I will leave to your Death Star. Please inform the commanders there I will be there soon.”
“No need commander, as I am coming with you.”

Chapter 18: Rebellion’s Triumph

Vader and I got to our ships and departed from the ever glowing city of Coruscant. We headed straight towards Yavin, but he decided to take a little detour. He led me a little ways from Yavin, to the area that Alderaan was. It was quite different now though. It wasn’t there.
“Where is Alderaan, my lord? Are these asteroids all that are left of the rebel home world?”
“Indeed it is commander. It is amazing what you can build with the power of the dark side. This was done by the Death Star. Although, as you may already know, this is nothing compared to the force.”
The words he spoke were true. This was perhaps nothing compared to the dark side, but I had not mastered that kind of force power yet. I doubt even the Emperor had enough power to destroy a planet.

We eventually arrived at the Death Star, which was still a ways from Yavin. We landed in the hanger, and Lord Vader received an honorable welcome from his generals and troops. Then they noticed me, all looking confused because of my original clone armor, and old Republic Aircraft.
“Troopers, this is your old commander, from many years ago. He has returned, and has become more powerful than any of you. I command you to ask no questions to him and I order you to follow every one of his requests. Is this clear?”
The entire legion of troops in the docking bay replied with a “Yes Sir!” It made me feel like I was back with my old squadron, the T-13 group. I missed those men dearly. They were the best fighters I had ever seen, and I would be glad to join them. But they are gone now, but fell valiantly in battle. I wiped a tear from my eye from under my helmet and followed Vader into the command chambers.

The moon-shaped battle station slowly moved toward Yavin, it eventually coming in sight. We started up the defenses, and manned every ship and turret. Lord Vader commanded the best pilots we had to repair my ship, but I refused. I had already fixed the ship the way I wanted it, and had taken the crystals that I found on Kashyyyk and installed them in its blasters. I took the remaining crystals and put them into my lightsaber, not changing in color but changing in blade size and power.
I followed several men into the largest docking bay we had, which my ship was landed in, ready for takeoff. The men ran to their ships, but I halted them before they entered the dark emptiness of space.
“Do not leave this hanger until I am out of this hanger. Stay in your ships, until I have left.”
About an hour later I returned to Vader and was going to ask him how long it was going to be until the main gun was charged. He said it would take awhile, and gave me a small control device with a screen on it.
“Use this device to control a small droid. I will send the droid quickly to the planet, so that we may recon the area before sending men down to it.” Vader then picked up a small voice communicator. “Fire the Recon droid to the planet.”
I looked down at the screen and it automatically turned on, showing a small portion of the jungle planet below. I had about the vision of a man's eyesight, but lower to the ground. I used the controls and used the droid to recon the area. I found an army of rebels waiting to get into their starfighters and attack the Death Star.
“Use this mechanism to send in an air strike, commander.”
I clicked a small red button on the side of the device. The screen went blank and a volley of lasers shot from the Death Star to the planet below.”

It worked. The rebels and the men in that area were wiped out, only leaving scraps and corpses. Vader commended me on a job well done, as this would greatly weaken their numbers.
The alarms went off in the battle station, and I ran immediately to the hanger. The men watched as I got into my ship and prepared for launch. I waited until a few rebel starfighters flew past and took off. The troops took off soon after I did.
We went around destroying as many rebel aircraft as we could, but there were a much larger amount of them then we thought. Eventually Vader grabbed his TIE fighter, with 2 ships backing him up. He went immediately toward a small trench on the Death Star, trying to destroy any rebel craft inside it.
“Commander, get into this trench and back me up. The rebels are aiming for a weak point in this crevasse. If they successfully get a rocket inside it, the battle station will implode. Get here at once!”
“It will be done my lord.”
I flew into the crevasse, but Vader was a long ways ahead of me. I tried to catch up, but a large white rebel aircraft eventually appeared on our right, and shot Vader out of the sky. He did not explode, but he went flying off into space. He was most likely headed toward Coruscant.
I noticed the rebel aircraft ahead shooting rockets into a small hole on the exterior of the Death Star, then flying away with extreme speed. I knew what was going to happen. I turned my ship out of the canyon and out towards space. The Death Star exploded behind me, while I was caught in the flames. I turned my ship to maximum efficiency, and sped out of there before my ship overheated and exploded.

I too flew back to Coruscant. I had been thinking the whole time about how many men we lost on that battle station. It truly was a sad day for the Empire. Most of our army was on that battle station.

Chapter 19: In Search for the Rebels

A year or 2 after the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire had immediately began to rebuild another one, and survey a plan offensive enough to do as much damage as the rebels did to the Empire on board the Death Star. We were holding a meeting in the Capitol Building on Coruscant to discuss the matter.
“What then, shall we do to the rebels, my lord?”
Vader stood up, as the Emperor was not there.
“We shall attack the rebels head on. I refuse to have another casualty as bad as the Death Star. This rebel alliance will be tolerated no longer! Generals of the Empire, build up as many armies as you can and have them follow my Star Destroyer in search of the Rebel HQ. Now leave, and no exceptions unless it is commanded by Palpatine himself! Now move!”
All the generals and commanders in the room immediately left, to build an army for the Empire. Vader stood there on the floating platform, thinking to himself. I called out to him and he replied.
“My lord, what troubles you, the most feared lord in the Galaxy?”
“There has been a disturbance in the force, commander, and I’m surprised you have not sensed it.”
“What do you mean, my lord?”
“Nothing, no leave at once and gather your troops. We have to find the rebels before they can discover that we are rebuilding the Death Star. Leave at once!”

I left the building, wondering what Vader meant by a “disturbance in the force.”
I had not sensed anything, but then again, his skills with the force were somewhat more advanced than mine. I went to a command station outside the Capitol building that Vader had built for me and my troops. I had around 5000 troops stationed there.
I had the men load up on the 2 Star Destroyers we had, and we saw many others leaving the planet to tag along with Vader’s. I also saw Vader’s shuttle takeoff and land on his specially designed Star Destroyer, which was more shielded, had a stealth device, much faster, and had a lot more guns on it though. The stealth mechanism was not used for stealth attacks however, as the ship had to shut down in order to use it.
We followed his ship to damn near every planet in the Galaxy, sending droids down to scout the planet. Our search for the rebels seemed endless, that is, until we reached the icy planet of Hoth. Hoth was more frigid than even Rhen Var, so I had doubts of the rebel Head Quarters being there, but Vader sent down droids anyway.
I should have used the force to sense if the rebels were there, because my doubts turned out to be wrong. Somehow the rebels had managed a large command station on Hoth, and were able to defend it with many heavy turrets and aircraft. We also scouted out two objects of much concern, a shield generator, and a large E.M.P. cannon, most likely used for defending the planet.

Around 20,000 troops, 5 AT-AT’s, and lord Vader and I loaded onto transports and set off for the planet. I knew that we were going to lose many men in this battle, but we went through with it anyway. But before the transports set off, lord Vader consulted me.
“Alpha, do not come with us on this transport. Get in your craft, and land at these coordinates. They will lead you to a small, undefended area behind the rebel base. When you land, you will meet a bounty hunter by the name of Boba Fett, and you and him will sneak into the rebel base and sabotage their shielded turrets. Even AT-AT cannot get through these shields, so it is up to you, commander. Do not fail me, or it will be your life that will be the atonement.”
I did exactly as Vader commanded. I grabbed my old Republic Starfighter and landed at the coordinates. As, I got out of my ship, I noticed the Imperial transports flying into the atmosphere, carrying an army twice as large as the army back on Kashyyyk, along with 5 weapons of mass destruction.
After watching the ships fly in, I traveled north a little while a found Boba Fett. He was wearing the same armor he wore ten years ago when I hired him to find Organa.
“You Alpha?”
“Ya, that’s me.”
“Well, let’s get a move on. I don’t like working with other people.”
We traveled north for many miles and eventually found the back entrance to the rebel base. It had a sentry or two defending it, so Boba had the idea to rush in.
“Stop! I can snipe them. I thought you were a bounty hunter, not just someone who wants to get himself killed.”
“Don’t talk to me that way! I know what I’m doing!”
He rushed in, and was actually able to slaughter the rebels before they could alert the base. I was amazed. I ran up to him near the entrance.
“See, sometimes brute force has its earnings. Now come on, we have a rebel base to sabotage.”

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