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Chapter 20: Brutal Tactics

We ran inside the rebel base, taking out troops whenever we saw them. We came to a crossroad in the paths, and decided to split up, me taking the left, him the right. I ran down the path and found nothing but a small storage room, but in it were some marvelous devices.
There were power crystals, glowing with fire-like auras. There were blasters, strong enough to blast through a group of men. But I also found many very long coils of cables. They were black, but they were not the type to be used for building. They were tough as durasteel, but could be easily stretched like a rope. I had an idea of what they might be used for, but the rebels couldn’t have the brains for it.
I returned to the crossway, and ran down the path Boba had taken. There were rebel bodies and broken machine parts all along the path. It looks like Boba had been working a bit overtime. I hopped over the bodies and machines and entered a room at the end of the hall.
Inside the room, I saw many more rebel bodies and saw another body that wasn’t dead. Boba was sitting with his back to the wall, wrapping his arms around a soft spot in his armor. There was a small shaft of smoke coming from the hole, along with a little blood.
“What happened?”
“I was ambushed. I could’ve taken them if they hadn’t all jumped out at once…filthy bastards. Can’t believe I actually took a job or two from them...” He clutched at his side with more stress now, but he stood up anyways. He was one tough clone.
“How can you be standing after a wound like that? I mean, a wound in the leg or the arm is minor, but a stomach wound can be fatal. Well, if you can walk, we’ve got to go. Otherwise I’ll just leave you behind.”
He began to walk through the doorway on the opposite wall of the room. This hall way empty, as the rebels that were here were the ones that ambushed Boba. We continued down through halls wiping out rebels, when I noticed how powerful his gun actually was. It shot only a few shots at a time, but each of them were almost as strong as a saber blow. I never had the chance to ask him where he had gotten the crystals for it.

For hours we fought our ways down the halls, coming to control rooms and finding no turret defense mechanism. We eventually found an abandoned hanger, with nothing but ship parts left in it. We walked outside the hanger and up a hill, and saw a sight beyond marvels. The rebels had hundreds upon hundreds of men ducking out in trenches, firing when the time was right. They had turrets set up, firing like large cannons at the oncoming Imperial army.
The Imperial army was even more marvelous. There were twice as many clones than there were rebels. They were marching up the icy tundra, halting every hundred feet or so and firing, taking out many rebels. The AT-AT’s behind them were firing with huge red lasers, but they were not shooting at any men or turrets. There were rebel fighters buzzing around them like flies. They were firing rope like cables from there rears, which I immediately recognized as the very same type of coil I found in the storage room.
The idea that I had in my mind was the exact plan the rebels had in their mind. They were wrapping the coils around the walkers, until it was tight enough so that the walker would fall. It worked perfectly. Boba and I watched as several AT-AT’s fell at the wrath of the Rebel Alliance, until their defense lines were broken and they could go against the walkers no longer. The pilot in the walker was closing in on the Rebel base shield generator, when he signaled me.
“Have you destroyed the generator?”
“Crud, I forgot! Boba and I are looking at you right now, on top of the hill to your left. We couldn’t find it, though. But I have an idea. Take all remaining troops and walkers and concentrate on the shield generator. Enough firepower may be able to take it down.”
“It will be done, commander.”
Every laser on the Imperial side of the battlefield was aimed directly at the generator. Thousand upon thousands hit it, when the walkers fired at it, and was able to destroy it without difficulty. The army then rushed forward and immediately took the battlefield.
The battle was over, but Boba and I had to get back to our own ships. For miles and miles we traveled over the tundra, never stopping, never talking. We eventually came to his ship, which was Jango’s old ship. He took off without saying a word, leaving me stranded to find my own. I walked for a few more miles, turning around and looking off into the distance, seeing the Imperial transports lifting off the planet.
I wondered about all that had happened. How many had we lost, how well did the rebels fight back, and what happened to Vader.

I eventually found my ship, still sitting there in the blizzards and ice. I got inside, but did not turn it on. I slept.

Chapter 21: Bespin

I awoke to a hum like ringing in my ship. The communicator was going off. I turned it on. Vader appeared on the screen.
“Commander, stop lazing around and get here at once! The rebel alliance must be defeated before they can reestablish a new base. We are near the planet Bespin, readying to land in Cloud City,” Vader said with deep anger in his voice.
“I’m sorry my lord, I fell asleep. It was a very tiring journey.”
“I don’t care! Get here now!”
I quickly shut off the communicator and set off for Bespin. I had never been to Bespin, but I knew that it was an important system, as it is one of the few planets that can harvest Tibanna Gas, an important resource for the Empire.
As soon as I entered space, I turned on the hyperdrive and sped through the galaxy. I met no rebel craft, as they were all already deep in space, somewhere, hoping to never be found.

I landed on Bespin an hour or two later, near Vader’s Star Destroyer which several troops were still getting off. As I left my ship, a general came up to me. He had a look of confusion on his face.
“Vader requests your presence in the carbon freezing chamber. I cannot give you any directions to it, as I have never been here before.”
When he finished talking, a small group of troops walked up to me also. The leader of the group spoke.
“Please follow us commander. We will take you to Vader.”
I followed them through several hallways, eventually coming to a large window overlooking a large part of the city. I looked in awe through the window, as the sky filled planet looked much like Coruscant, but much more pleasant. The building were not quite as tall as back on Coruscant, but the people here all dressed like they were rich. There was no smog in the sky and not too many speeders in the air either.
“Sir, we must be going. Vader tends to get very impatient these days,” he said with a down voice.
I continued to follow them until we entered a large black room, with a pit in the middle of the room, smoke coming out of it. I walked up a staircase to it, seeing a large block of Carbonite coming out of it. There was something inside it, but I was unsure what it was, that is, until I noticed the shape. Vader had frozen a man in Carbonite. Why I had no idea.
He looked at me and spoke. “Commander, take this body and help get it to Boba Fett’s ship. There is a bounty on this man’s head, and Boba deserves the reward.”
They put the block on a hovering cargo cart, and a few troops started to haul it out of the room. Fett walked with us to his ship. About half way there a blaster shot intercepted us, killing one of our troops. I started to fire, hoping to kill the one holding the blaster, but was unsuccessful.
“Keep going! Get Solo to my ship, or I’ll kill you all!”
The troop immediately ran with the hover to his ship, returning a few moments later. Fett took off, and we ran through the halls after the gunmen, possibly a rebel culprit. We cornered them at the end of a hallway, but a small astrodroid opened a locked door behind them, and they ran for their ship. Their ship was an older craft, but it was still powerful. They managed to escape, which brought the moral of our troops down quite a bit.
We reentered the hallways, and for the carbon freezing room. When we arrived we intercepted Vader, which looked tired, as if he was in a fierce lightsaber battle or something. He walked right past us, not saying a word. He even used the force a bit to knock a few of us out of his way, but I just used the force to intercept his. The men behind me were getting up, as I just stood there, watching Vader walk away in anger. I do wonder what happened in there, but I may never know.

Chapter 22: Imperial Saboteurs

I boarded the Star Destroyer with Vader, and had another troops bring my ship to its hanger. Vader still refused to talk to anyone, until he was standing at the very front of the Destroyer’s bridge. I walked up and stood beside him. He began to speak, without even turning my direction.
“Alpha, did you happen to feel a disturbance in the force back on Bespin?”
“Only a small bit. I am not as force sensitive as you.”
“True, as you have never received training from a real Jedi.”
“My lord, may I ask what happened back on Bespin?”
“I will tell you, but you shall not tell this to any other troops, or I shall kill you with my own hands.” I gave a nod, and he began.
“Many years ago, when I was still human, Padme’ and I fell in love. After a year or two, just after Obi-Won nearly killed me, I learned that she gave birth to twins, but died in the process.”
“But what does that have to do with Bespin, my lord?” Vader turned around, facing the door on the other end of the room.
“We set a trap for him, so that we may have been able to turn him to the dark side. But I failed.”
“Who, my lord?”
“My son…” And with that he walked away not saying another word. Vader had a son? If he had a son, then that would mean there is still one alive in this galaxy who had the potential to become a Jedi. And if he was alive, then that would mean that another threat yet lived.”

We traveled through space endlessly, going to whichever planet Vader commanded. We eventually came to the planet of Tattooine, which was when Vader came to me with a squad of troops in desert camouflage armor.
“Commander, we have located a rebel installment on Tattooine. We believe they are constructing a huge fleet of aircraft, enough to easily overcome the Imperial Space Navy. Take these troops and take separate pods onto the planet, surrounding the base without being detected. Sneak into the base, and destroy there factories. This should cripple their development.”
Vader then left, and I led the men to the escape pods. We had to use the pods, as we had no ships that would be fast enough for this mission. We separated into 3 different squads, each with a communicator, and set off for Tattooine.

When we landed, or crash-landed I should say I contacted the other squads.
“Where are your squads? I have landed south of the rebel base.”
“We’ve landed approximately 3 miles north-west of it, and the other squad near 6 miles west of it. If we want to make this work, we should wait till they get closer.”
“No time. They could set this fleet off any second. We must be quick and surreptitious!”

My squad arrived at the rebel base nearly an hour later. I contacted the other squads, and told them one squad to search for the factories, and the other for the production yard, while I led the ground assault and diversion.
We ran in, coming to an open plain of dirt and sand, and began to fire. The rebel all emerged from nearby building and began to return fire. The battlefield was like a sea of laser. My men split up and hid behind rocks for cover. We were able to take out many more rebels this way. I took out a few rebels on my left and ran up to the top of a cliff and began to fire from above. A small group of rebels snuck up behind me and rammed me off the ledge.

Chapter 23: Rebel’s Offensive

I woke up. I couldn’t see. There was a pile of dirt on my helmet. I wiped it off and looked around. I was in an underground complex. This must have been rebel production facilities. I looked around me for a moment, and then looked up. There was a hole in the ceiling leading to the surface. There were lasers flying over the hole, and sometimes a person walked by. I got up and started to walk down a nearby hallway.
I entered a room on my right that led to a rather large storage room. Inside were many ship parts, along with crates of blasters and other war supplies. I opened a few crates until I found one filled with explosives. I set them all around the room and ran down the hallway to the room where I awoke. I set off the explosives and through the hole I saw a massive explosion of dirt and fire. A few rebels went soaring through the air and never got up.
One of my men went up to the hole and jumped down. He called for other men to join. When about 5 other men had joined, we decided to start scouring the complex. We ran down the hall and saw that the explosion had blocked it off. Not even thermal detonators would get through it.
We once again returned to the starting point and scoured the room. There was no other exit out of this room. We searched for 15 minutes or so, and then were about to leave when one of my troops slipped and knocked a crate over. There was a door behind it. We entered the door and it led us through many dark hallways that seemed without end. We eventually came to a door at the end, and slowly opened it. On the other side was an enormously large hanger bay, filled with hundreds upon hundreds of rebel aircraft.
We each one by one slipped through the door way and behind crates scoured throughout the edges of the room. I hand-motioned them to sneak up to aircraft and set explosives off. One of my troops accidentally set off his bomb too early and ended his life. The rebels nearby came rushing toward the explosion.
“What was that?”
“I don’t know. I think it was just a malfunction or something.”
“Fool! Look there!”
“They all looked over at the stormtrooper corpse and loaded their blasters.
I whispered to my men, “On my signal, fire…” I motioned them to get into a defensive position and they obeyed.
We started to fire at the rebels. They immediately returned fire, but by the time they had taken out one of my troops, they were all dead.
“There are surely more! Let’s get out of here!”
We reentered the hallway and sprinted back toward the room with the hole. One by one we climbed through the hole and saw that a huge attack party was on one of my men’s scanner.
“Sir, their coming through the halls! Run! We’ll hold them!”
They each went back into the halls and set up a barricade of crates. I ran through the blazing hot surface and to my ship. I set off for the Star Destroyer nearby and gathered reinforcements there. We set off with an AT-AT and landed back on the surface. Men rushed into the rebel camp and set up positions among the cliffs. We quickly set up the AT-AT and started to walk it to the base. The rebel army was beginning to come out of the complex and marching straight for us.
The men in the cliffs began to fire wiping out minority of the rebels. Yellow streaks flew across the sky and killed most of the men in the cliffs. We continued to march toward them. I quickly climbed into the AT-AT and began to fire. Single shots from the thing wiped out about 10 rebels, and a volley of shots around fifty, if the were in formation. The rebels all through grenades and destroyed the front two feet of the walker. It began to topple over. I quickly exited the cockpit and ran to the back of opened a top hatch. I exited the through the top and stood on it as it fell. It smashed about 6 or 7 rebels, but the impact of it made me fly forward. I ignited my lightsaber in mid-air and flew towards them. I began to dice the rebels until the main army was defeated, but the snipers continued to wipe out our men. One of them shot at my head, and I was able to just deflect it before it brought me to my doom.
I rushed toward them and cut them down one by one. The final one was upon a very high cliff that not even the force could let me jump that high. I used the force to bring him to me, and when he arrived he was killed instantly by my lightsaber.

Chapter 24: Defensive Maneuvers

A few weeks passed since our victory on Tattooine. We had conquered very few systems since then, but the Rebellion had conquered more. They were becoming unbelievably powerful, and our forces were diminishing. We lost damn near 200,000 in these past few weeks.
The Emperor and Vader had been discussing matters almost every day. The second Death Star was near completion, but was still missing a major chunk out of the lower area of it. The main gun was fully operational, and that was all that mattered. We also had a shield generator for it, which was hidden deep in the forest moon of Endor. It was much like Yavin IV, but even more jungle covered.
The Emperor had sensed that the Rebels were launching a final assault. They would send a massive space fleet at the Death Star, while a small squad took out the shield generator. He sent Vader to bring every Star Destroyer we had left to amass near the Death Star. He sent a squadron of men trained personally under me down to Endor attack when the Rebels were completely unprepared. We made ready for the final assault.

Another week or 2 passed, and the day of the Great Battle came. I waited upon a Star Destroyer, ready to take commands. We waited, for several hours, not knowing of the danger we truly faced. I gathered up the troops on my Star Destroyer for one final moment.
“Men,” I began softly,” This could very well be the last time we fight together. This could possibly be the last time any clone fights side by side. These rebels have become far more powerful than we ever thought, and are possibly now more powerful. But we are united, as one! And no matter what stands between us and victory, we will fight to the end! We are clones! We are the Empire! And by god we will show them our strength!”
The troops all raised one of there arms, with a blaster in the other, and let out a battle cry. I felt as if I was the Emperor himself, but actually felt as if I was connected to my fellow troops, instead of using them as pawns for his empire.

The rebel fleet came out of hyperspace, and we immediately began to pummel them with blaster fire. One of the men in the blaster pod near me was destroyed, while the clone at my left and I were still firing. We continually shot down ships, but during that I noticed that he was racking up more kills than I was. He happened to have great skill with turret fighting, and I could tell because almost every bullet he fired hit a rebel craft. We felt like true heroes, sitting up in that ship. Several Star Destroyers near us were shot down.
The rebels were shooting at us also. We were the only men that were still in the ship, as a lot had died, and others had evacuated. They hit our main stabilizers, and destroyed our engines. Our ship began to fall downwards, the front of the ship going down first.
“C’mon! We can still get out of here!”
He got out of the pod and followed me. We climbed up through the ship, grabbing onto whatever we could find. We eventually found our way in the hanger. Ship parts were lying on the wall, which was now considered the floor to us. Some ships were still operational, but had landed upside down. Our only craft flyable was a Lamba which was turned on it side. We ran up to it, and pushed with all our might, until it finally landed up-right.
We quickly climbed inside, and flew out. We were immediately pummeled with laser fire, which destroyed our top and left wing.

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