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Chapter 25: The Empire Has Fallen

Our ship was sent off course, which was going to enter the safe confines of the Death Star. We were now aimed at Endor, which we were closing in on quite slowly. A group of Rebel X-Wings came up behind us and began to fire.
“Boosters to max! Boosters to max! Close our right wing!”
We hit the boosters to max, but our wing was blown off. The rebels still began to chase us.
“Transfer gun energy to engines!” And with that we sped faster than anything that wasn’t in hyperspace before. A rebel laser hit the back of our ship and blew a hole in it, which caused a great force of wind to start dragging us out. We held on to the back of our chairs, and let fate decide. Our legs were up in the air, while we were holding for dear life. We entered the atmosphere, which made us look like a meteor zooming down on Endor. I tried to look out the front window, but the fire and smoke covered the front end of the ship.
It then felt like we were hit directly into an earthquake. Our ship was creating a long crater, as that of a meteor. It eventually stopped, and we exited. We were in a small clearing of the great forest, and our ship was now up against a tree.
“That was one hell of a ride!” He yelled with laughter in his voice. I began to laugh a little, but not for long. I looked up at the sky, and a bright light covered our eyes. The sky was as bright as another sun. It was beautiful, but possibly the saddest moment of my life. I knew what had just happened, and I think he did too. We each removed our helmets, held them against our chest, and continued to watch the sky. A tear ran down my cheek, and a few more after that. I put my hand to my head to salute the Empire, and the very brave men that had died in its power.
Many men deserved the honor of that as heroes, but no one would ever be able to give it to them now. I knew that many would try to rebuild the Galactic Empire, but they would fail. The Rebellion had won, and there was nothing that could be done now.

“What’s your number?”
“Delta 47.”
“Well Delta, we are now officially the last of the very few remaining Imperial Troops alive. The Empire has failed, and you know it, don’t you?”
“Ya, I know. But we can still fight together. We are the Empire, as you said back on that Star Destroyer. Those words were touching. The very troops that heard them are now somewhere better than this Galaxy of War. There has been death in this Galaxy for so many years. When I first learned of the reason I was created, all I wanted to do was fight. Now that I see war for what it really is, I just want it to stop.”
“Many people do, Delta. I, like you, wanted to fight when I learned of my purpose. I have seen war for what it is since the Great Battle above Coruscant many, many years ago, just before the fall of the Jedi order. I had a squadron of my own annihilated that day, and I would gladly join them, wherever they are. We must leave now, or we will surely be killed.”
We walked away and began to travel through forest, looking for a way off this planet.

Chapter 26: Rebuilding an Empire

We traveled through the forest, being quite difficult as night had fallen and the shadows of the trees were not helping. We slowly eased our way through until we saw a great bonfire in a forest clearing. There were screams and laughter, and fireworks soon exploded in the sky.
Delta and I walked toward the scene, and found that the source was an army of Rebels, and the planets native people the Ewoks. We realized that we were no match for them, so we slipped past and through the forest a bit more and found another small clearing, this time only with a man and a small fire upon an altar.
There was something burning on the fire, but we could not tell what it was. We moved around a bit and came to a position that we could see the altar clearly. What was upon it was a black heap, in the shape of a man. We recognized it immediately. It was Vader. He must have fallen upon the Death Star. The man standing near him I could sense had the force in him, and realized that this was Vader son. He was weeping over the death of his father.

We continued on and came to a clearing with a Lamba in it. Delta entered the ship, and before I entered, I took one final glance in the direction of Vader’s lifeless body.
“Rest well, Lord Vader. Rest well.”
I entered the ship and Delta took off.
“Where’re we headed?”
“No idea. The Rebels have taken near everything. I’ll check if there are any Imperial Communication Centers still online.”
He messed with the controls for a bit, while I entered the back room. I looked out the back window and took one final glance at Endor. This planet was now the main thing in my mind that made we want to explode with rage. I just thought of all the men we lost, and at that point all the remaining parts from our fleet and remnants of them began to shoot towards the planet like meteors. The dark side of the force was now flowing through me.

After thinking for about an hour, I returned the cockpit.
“Where were you doing?”
“About what?”
“The Empire. I know that there are still garrisons of troops out there that are waiting for revenge.”
“Ya, and?”
“I’ve decided.”
“Decided on what?”
“I’m rebuilding the Galactic Empire.”

We hit the hyperspace module and zoomed towards whatever planet we new wasn’t conquered by the Rebellion, which we heard was now called the “New Republic.”
This “New Republic” would not rise to power unless it was taken from me, and my ever growing army.
We gathered an army of 10,000 at most, but his was not nearly enough. We sped towards Kamino, which the Rebels did not even know about.

We arrived, and the men got out to stretch while I marched through the doors to the Prime Minister. I eventually found him, but he was now a very old Kaminoan. Even though he looked quite older, you could tell by looking at him that he was aged with much wisdom.
“I thought I would be seeing you again.”

Chapter 27: The New Lord

He slowly began to walk towards me. I did the same to him.
“I have heard of your exploits, and I’m quite impressed. But your “Empire” has fallen, and it is a waste to try and build it again.”
“Don’t say that! These troops have faith in the Empire, and with that faith it will not fall again!”
I put my hand out towards his neck, and he dropped his cane. Just before he was about to die, I let the force off his neck.
“I…will do…whatever….you tell me to, my lord.”
“Build me another 500,000 troops, and get out of my site!”
I walked out from the building, and into my ship. I went to one of our planets we still controlled, Kessel, which was a mining planet. The resources there would be plenty enough to build thousands of new blasters, and even new spacecraft.

I arrived on Kessel a few hours later. I commanded every facility to get every Wookiee slave we had to get working, and no breaks. Within the day we had already built the front part of my new ship, the Dark Hauk, which was the first of Delta’s personal design. He was with me and recorded everything I commanded, and he was the most loyal of all my troops. He was truly what I could call a friend.

The factories were working overtime the next few months. Several Star Destroyers were built and many, many TIE Fighters were built. It was magnificent, but the constant noise was getting to my head. I went to a quiet area behind a cliff and sat down. I thought of everything that had happened recently, when a ghostly figure appeared out of nowhere. It was Vader, but not in his human form like everyone would have expected. He was still in his black armor.
“Commander, if you do want to rebuild the Empire, then you must establish a Headquarters. Go to Mustafar, and in the northern hemisphere, you will find a mountain that is far taller then the rest. Climb it, and you will find what you seek at the top.”
And with that he disappeared, probably never to be seen again. It had not really surprised me when he appeared, as I have had quite an experience with the force, and knew that it worked in mysterious ways.
I returned to the main facility and found Delta. Just as usual he was overseeing the production, yelling at Wookiees to get working harder. But when he saw me, he stopped yelling and bowed down on his knees.
“My lord…”
I told him of Vader, and his orders.
“We’ll only take smaller starcraft. We’ll use you new Evasive Fighters, which you promised me would easily slip through even the most powerful of defenses.”
“It is as you say, lord. These ships are the perfect recon ships. What may I ask you need one for? Mustafar is not controlled by the Rebels.”
“Yes, that is true. But I do not need that for Mustafar. There is something I left on Coruscant a few years back. It was my personal ship. A kind you might recognize.”

We set off for Coruscant, and when we reached our destination, guns immediately began to fire at us. Our ships were very quick, and by the time the lasers hit there destination, we were long gone.
“Delta, have you and your men circle the capitol building.”
“Yes sir!”
Guns were everywhere, firing with no stop. I quickly landed at the capitol building, while a few explosions of turrets being destroyed could be heard. I got into my ship, and set off. We immediately left Coruscant, and set off for Mustafar.

Chapter 28: Many Trials

We came upon the fiery planet of Mustafar. We landed in the northern hemisphere, as Vader told me.
“Stormtrooper, fly up to the top and recon the area.”
Delta directed one of the troops to fly to the top. We waited, and began to slowly get in our ships when an explosion was heard. The Evasive Fighter had exploded in mid-air, leaving behind nothing, not even metal scraps.
Delta began to argue, “This is an outrage! My engineers said that they had built it perfectly, with no flaws! I’ll…!”
“Delta! That’s enough! It was not the engineering of the ship. The will of the force has been worked to not let anything mechanical through. Only living life forms may enter, for now.”
Without a word, I began to climb the mountain. Delta followed, and the others too. It has slowly rising slopes at the bottom, and quickly became steeper and steeper. About a fourth of the way up the mountain, one of the stormtroopers cried out, “I can’t take it! The gravity up here is very strong!” And he fell to the bottom. I had no idea what he was talking about. I felt just normal.
“Delta, how about you?”
“I feel a bit heavier, but I can last.”
We continued on, practically climbing straight up. Another stormtrooper or two fell down, saying something similar to the previous one about the gravity. We came upon a plateau about half way up, and rested there.
“Delta, make sure our remaining troop is okay. If he’s not, send him back down.”
Delta checked the troop, and did send him down. He looked very dizzy, and had trouble standing up.
“Delta, take off your armor. It will only slow you down.”
He took it off, and we slept for a few hours. Before he woke up, I left him and began to climb again. When there was about a third of the mountain left dirt, rocks, and even little clots of magma began to fall on me. I let the dirt hit my face, and dodged the magma. It began to storm, with huge flashes of lightning streaking across the sky.
Down below I heard Delta cry out, “Alpha! Where are you?”
I did not answer him. I was determined to finish this. I continued to climb, as the mountain erupted, with lava falling down the mountain beside me. Smoke and fog were clouding the top, and I could not see beyond the final ridge at the top. I climbed it, and stood at the top of this giant. The planet shook, and a wave of lave, dirt, and rock began to flow at me.
Atop this mountain the force empowered those who had the will to use it. I put my hand out in front of me, and pushed the lava off to the left and the right of me. After about 5 minutes it stopped, and I walked forward.
The fog dissipated, and before me laid a great temple, black as space, surrounded by the dark side. I walked inside of it, and it was marvelous. It was the exact opposite of the Jedi Temple back on Coruscant. The force was very strong here; so much that I could have easily destroyed this mountain with a single flick of the force. But I did not, of course.
I entered a room at the top of the black tower, and in it was a ghostly figure. Vader was looking out the window to the fiery planet below.

Chapter 29: The Blade is Unsheathed

“You have completed your task, and for that I am thankful. This fortress was once the Head Quarters of the Sith order, founded thousands of years ago. Palpatine once trained me here.”
“Vader, what happened upon the Death Star, several months ago?”
“It is a story I do not wish to tell, but I must.” He was silent for a few seconds, and then began to talk again. “When the Great Battle began, I already had my son in custody upon the Death Star. In the Emperor’s throne room, he was tempted many times to strike down the Emperor, but would not give in. After seeing his fleet in space suffering casualties, he gave in, and tried to slash Palpatine. I drew my lightsaber, and blocked his attack.”
“We began to duel, with him showing great power, not even I had in my Jedi days. He struck me down, and the Emperor offered him to join the dark side one last time. He refused, and was punished for it. He was continually electrified by the force while the Emperor was laughing. I could not see my son suffer. I lifted up the Emperor, and threw him into the abyss of the Death Star. He was there disintegrated, and never saw again.”
“I see….but how did you die?”
“When I lifted the Emperor, his lightning electrified me, also. I was near death, when my son took off my helmet, and without it I died. He escaped the Death Star, and you saw him burning my body as they did in the days of the Old Republic.”
“Vader, I will do whatever you ask of me. Destroy Coruscant, whatever it may be, it will be carried out.”
“What I want you to do… is wipe out the New Republic. Good-bye Alpha, and may the force be with you…”
And with that he disappeared. A tear went down my eye, knowing that I would never see him again. I was about to walk out the door when I noticed Delta standing there. He heard everything.
“You know what we must do then?”
“Yes, my lord.”
“Go back to Kessel, and bring every last reinforcement we have to Mustafar. There are plenty of supplies here, and it is well defended.
“It will be done.”

The army was brought to Mustafar, and development began. A fleet the size of the Death Star’s defense was easily built and 3 more of that size also. War was once again coming to the Galaxy.
I devised a plan to take planets easily. We would silently land on the planets, and sneak into their HQ, and assassinate them.
The first was to be Dantooine, a grassland much like Naboo. The preparations were made, and we boarded the Dark Hauk.

We arrived at Dantooine, which was in the very northern edge of the Galaxy. We used the stealth generator, and waited till night on the side we were on. When the time was right, I entered an Evasive Fighter and landed a mile away from the HQ.
I exited the ship, and walked closer to the base. A group of rebels saw me, and began to fire. I pulled out my lightsaber, and ran towards them, blocking shots as they went towards me. I quickly murdered them all, and walked towards the main building. Alarms went off, and many Rebels began to close in on me from all directions. When all of the Rebel troops were about 10 feet away, they all aimed there blasters at me, and fired.
I whirled my lightsaber around my body to reflect the bullets. Lasers were everywhere, mostly headed in the direction of the troops themselves. Within seconds only 5 troops were left, and they all let a cry of horror, and began to run away.
I chased 2 of them down, and used the force to bring one them to me. When he got there, as before, he was jabbed right into my lightsaber. One ran inside the building, while I jumped at the other. He let out a cry, and 3 seconds later, I was right at him, with my lightsaber was through his head.

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