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Chapter 30: Darkness is Betrayed

I left the Rebel body on the ground, and headed into the Head Quarters. The blast door opened, and inside were many Rebels on their knees, aiming right at the door. They stared for a moment, and I did the same.
“Don’t mess with the Empire.”
I pulled out two blasters and fired on the rebels. The blasters proved useful, until more came. I unsheathed my lightsaber, and began deflecting shots. I soon became overwhelmed, and ran back outside. This was part of the plan. I ran back to my ship, with the rebels taking chase. When I reached my ship, the rebels stopped in curiosity. There was nothing there. I stood there, with my back to them laughing.
As they continued to ponder in curiosity, an army became visible around me. They easily wiped out the Rebels, and marched towards the HQ. They returned several moments later, with shouts of “Hurrah!”
I contacted Delta.
“Our mission was successful, and we are now returning.”
“Very well, my lord. I shall be most pleased to see you again. Also, our new battalion of clones have arrived.” And the transmission was cut off.
“Something is wrong. You,” I pointed to a group of 30 elite stormtroopers, “Come with me.”
Their leader came forward. “Very well my lord.”

We returned to Mustafar. Production here had been quite successful. Delta had even built an elevator leading to the top of the Great Mountain. I left 5 troops at its base, and the rest of us boarded the lift. When we arrived at the top, we found that turrets had been installed, and that several troops were guarding the temple. They allowed me to enter.
I entered the top room, and found Delta staring out the window.
“Welcome, my lord, to My Empire!”
He turned around, and drew a green lightsaber. He had betrayed me, and my Empire. Death was his only option.
Delta advanced on me, and I drew my saber. Our blades clashed, but he was already having small difficulty keeping up. He tried to slash me on my right. I quickly jumped to the right, and clashed blades with him once again. This continued for a few minutes, until he stopped and looked at me.
“You obviously have skill, Delta, but the force is not strong enough with you. You will fail, and you will fall into my grasp.”
“Shut up! Skywalker’s training will not be in vain! I will continue to fight, and you will die by hand! Prepare for death, my master!”
He held his lightsaber horizontally in front of him, and ignited the other side of it. It was a double-saber. He charged and I swung my blade left and right, deflecting the blows he tried to inflict. He swung at my feet, and I jumped up and kicked him in the chest. His saber flew off behind me, and he struggled to get up from the base of the nearby wall.
“I will not fail! For the fate of the New Republic, you will die!”
“Delta, you are mishandling the power of the force. It will eventually overwhelm you.”
“That’s what you think! But have you ever handled the light side of it? It is so much easier to handle, and is much more powerful.”
And with that he jumped out a nearby window, shattering it as he left. I saw him fall, and several moments later he escaped in his ship, the Remstar, an advanced version of the Evasive fighter.
I ran downstairs, and found his clones and mine fighting. I reactivated my saber, and wiped them out. I ran towards the elevator, and looked down. Far below, I saw my troops fending off any New Republic clones marching at them. I jumped down the shaft, and began killing them even before my feet touched the ground. Within a few minutes, they had retreated and quickly left the planet.
The commander came up to me and asked, “Sir, what shall we do? With the betrayal of Delta, the army of the New Republic has been reinforced.”
“We shall secure Kamino first, to make sure that he does not capture it. He has probably already revealed its location to them. Then I will personally hunt down Delta, for his betrayal will never be forgiven. And you commander, you shall come with me.”

Chapter 31: Separated

Our army strengthened, with the commander and his men at his side. I hired a robotic bounty hunter name IG-88 to search Delta out. He returned a week or two later, with information of Delta being near the Felucia region. We quickly prepared for the attack.
When our army in space above Mustafar was finished and ready, we set for hyperspace. When we arrived, we were immediately pummeled by blaster fire. I could sense Delta within 5 miles, and went to the hanger with the commander, which was later identified as Theta 427.
He boarded his ship, Streak Shot, which was an old Naboo Starfighter from the early Clone Wars, which he painted black and silver, and I personally gave it a tune-up, making it compatible with my Old Republic Barc Fighter.
We left the Dark Hauk, and zoomed through the laser fire until we reached the hanger door of Delta cruiser.

Theta was already a few yards ahead of me.
“Theta, speed up! We must get to the hanger!”
“Got it!”
He sped up, and just before I entered, with Theta already inside the hanger, the hanger doors quickly shut. Theta was trapped inside, with me still out in space.
“Alpha, where are you?”
“I’m still outside! Just keep heading through the ship until you find Delta. Distract him for a while. I should be there momentarily.”
I zoomed around the cruiser, looking for the generator that activated the shields and openings in the ship. I found it under the ship, and destroyed it with my modified blasters. I contacted my Head of Offense commander.
“Yes sir?”
“Concentrate all firepower on the closed hanger bay door. Make me an opening!”
Huge lasers from our ships fired out the door, making a great hole, which also made a suction. I flew through the hole and jumped out of my ship right next to the door leading to a series of networks throughout the ship. I quickly entered the hallway so that I would not be pulled out into space by the suction.
Inside, I contacted Theta.
“Theta, where are you? Theta, can you here me? Theta!”
A voice came through his comlink.
“I’m sorry, but Theta is…preoccupied.” And the transmission was cut off.
“Theta! Who is this? Theta!”
It was obviously Delta on the other side of the link. If he killed Theta, I would throw his head into a den of Rancors. I continued on through the halls, until I came to one with bloody walls and dead Rebel bodies everywhere. I also saw something I hadn’t hoped to see there. There were lightsaber cuts in the wall.

Chapter 32: Darkness Will Prevail

At the end of the hall was Theta, lying up against the blood-stained corner. There was a large spot of blood around an open wound on his armor. He had his arm over it. He wasn’t dead yet.
“You stubborn bastard, Not even a lightsaber can kill you.”
He fell down, while I quickly ran up to him. He was out cold, but still not dead. I quickly tore a large section off my robes, and wrapped it about his stomach. Hopefully it would stop the bleeding for awhile. I ran down the next hall, but when I reached the end, I took one final glance back at Theta. He looked up. He had awoken.
He called down the hall, “Kill the traitorous bastard. Do it for the Empire.” And he fell down again. I did as he wanted me to do. I continued to travel down the hall, until I reached an elevator shaft. The elevator was nowhere to be seen, and the controls had been damaged by blaster fire.
I jumped down the shaft, and grabbed onto a pipe that stuck out a little. From there, I focused my mind on a door that was just above me. It opened, and I quickly jumped inside it. I walked down the hall, and at the nearest intersection, a group of rebels came walking by. I ignited my saber, but they immediately heard it activate.
“Hey, he’s not on our side! Kill him!”
The started to fire on me. I easily deflected there fire and killed all of them except one, who I had backed into a corner. I deflected his shots and used the force to bring his blaster out of his hand.
“I will kill you unless you bring me to your commander, Delta.”
“Y…yes…yes sir,” he said shakily. “This way.”
He began to slowly walk down the hall, until we came to a security door.
“Open it!”
“I’m sorry sir. I don’t know the codes…”
I ignited my saber, and he quickly responded.
“I…I’ll get them! Please don’t kill me!”
He ran into a nearby control room, and came out a few minutes later. He punched in the code, and the door slid open. Inside was a throne-room type of area. Delta was standing next to it, looking out to the battle just outside.
“Run before I kill you. Get me a shuttle!”
He ran down the hall, while I advanced into the large glass walled room. Delta acted as if he didn’t notice I was there. I walked up the steps until I was within three yards of him. I stood behind him.
“When will you realize that the Empire has fallen? You cannot rebuild it.”
“That may be so, but at least I know that my troops trust in me. I am there hope, there courage. You are just a commander whose troops barely know anything about, except that you were once an Imperial.”
“That’s enough, my master.” He turned around. “Let’s finish this!” He ignited his green saber, while I ignited mine. This was it. If I died, so be it. But if I did manage to strike him down, this would be last time something like this would ever happen. I was starting to get on in years, and this grew tiring.
He charged at me, while I quickly jumped back. I landed some distance back, and we both charged at each other. We struck at the center, and began to duel for our last time. We each swung left and right, dodging each others attacks. He had a habit of swinging behind me, even if he was in front. This was a great skill to learn, but could also be your worse enemy. He attempted the attack, but I quickly tried to slash him from the front.
He barely blocked the slash, but I continued to advance on him. He soon became overwhelmed, and fell back on the floor. He quickly jumped up behind me and our blades clashed once more. He advanced on me now, but I quickly used the force to push him back. I charged at him, and cut his saber’s handle in half, emitting green sparks from the shard remaining in his hand, while the other dropped to the floor.
Delta tried to jump away, but I slashed him as he tried. He fell to the ground several feet away from where he jumped, landing on the floor, with a gouge across his chest. Blood began oozing from it, as he spoke his last troubled words.
“For…th…the..,” He spat out a clump of blood, “New Re…Republic.” And he let out his final breath. I walked up to his body, and looked down on it.
“That is what happens, Delta, when you betray the Empire. You never live to remember it.”

Chapter 33: Power Is Regained

I walked back down through the ship, through the elevator shaft, back to the site of Theta’s bloody corpse. There, he began to say his final words to me. “Alpha,” he began with extreme difficulty, “save…the Empire. Take my…ship. Its still works fine. Now…get out of here.”
“But, Theta, I can save you. I can…”
He pulled out his blaster, and aimed it at my head. “Get the hell out of here before I kill you.” He then fell down to the ground. It hadn’t worked. He couldn’t take the pain. He was gone.
I took one final glance at Theta. He was helpless, murdered by someone more powerful than he would ever become. It was horrible. It was wrong.
My mind became so overwhelmed that soon I began losing control. I struggled through the halls, with my cold, bloody hands grasping my skull, trying to regain control. It passed after a few moments, and stood up, with my eyes burning red. The force was now working in me ways that I doubt even Yoda could have even understood. It was now using me as a host of destruction, to destroy all that opposed it. I knew my next task. I needed to control this, or I too would fall victim to it.
I entered the hanger bay, finding the hole that had been blown open to be patched up by the automated repair droids. I saw the rebel troop standing near the transport craft, awaiting my arrival. I entered the ship, and began making my way towards the cockpit. Just before I entered the door, I heard a voice behind me.
“You’ll go no further, Alpha. Ya, I know who you are. Your lightsaber, you signature black robes. You have Sith written all over you. Now I’m going to end this war, once and for all. Drop your lightsaber.”
I wasn’t afraid of this weakling, but I did as he said anyway. My lightsaber fell to the floor. He reached down to pick it up.
“Don’t touch it, or your life will be removed, not yours.”
Regardless, he reached down to pick it up. Just before he touched it, he flew back towards the rear wall of this ship. I turned around and walked towards his wriggling body. I focused my mind upon him, and he was soon floating upright, just a few feet in the air, with his hands around his neck. He fell to the floor, dead, a few seconds later.
Before I took off, I remembered a certain ship that was still in the hanger. My ship had been destroyed due to my methods of boarding the ship. But Theta’s old Starcraft, even older than mine, was still sitting there in the hanger, damaged very little. I boarded it, and took off.
I returned to the Dark Hauk, and my Offensive Commander was there to greet me.
“Where’s your starfighter? Where’s Theta?”
“Theta’s gone, killed by Delta. But Delta’s gone, slain by me.”
“I see…but what about your ship?”
“Let’s just say I’m keeping a promise to a friend.”

I returned to the bridge, and oversaw the rest of the battle from there. A rage was continually building up inside me as I watched the shuttle that was Theta’s bloody corpse was inside.
My voice became a dark, coarse voice, which could petrify anyone who heard it.
“Y…yes, my lord?”
“Concentrate all firepower on the flagship. I want it blown out of the sky…”
“It will be done.”
He walked towards a command consol, and ordered every turret and fighter to target the flagship. Huge rounds of red, green, and blue lasers flew towards the craft. Massive explosions of fire, ash, and metal were flying off the ship. Within a few seconds, the craft exploded in a blinding white light.
The entire battle area was covered with the light of the explosion. Nearly every soldier covered their as, as I just stood there, staring out into space as the white light dissipated.
I turned around and walked towards my cabin aboard the ship. The end of the war was coming. I could feel it.

Chapter 34: Old Ways

I awoke the next morning, with space still circling around us with debris from the fallen craft in the hellish battle the day before. I could hardly see through it all at the vast, misty planet of Felucia below. But I did not need to any longer. We had caught the Rebels before they could establish a solid foothold there. All that was left on the planet there were outposts, maybe large enough for a hundred men or so. But they were still part of the Rebellion…and they must be destroyed.
I marched into the command room with soldiers at my side. To the commander, I spoke these few words, slowly, but with power, “…Rain hell upon them.” I walked away as I heard the commander give the order to the crew. The ship seemed to have an earthquake of its own when the might force annihilated the rebels below. Power seemed to surge through my veins, and possibly through the veins of the loyal troops aboard.
That was another planet taken from the grasp of the New Republic. But as far as I know, that planet came as no significance for them. They had most likely captured it for a base to capture other planets, and remain hidden doing so. My next target I had already planned out. The massive aircraft facilities on Coruscant must be destroyed.
“Commander, bring the ship back to Mustafar, and send the other ships to Mygeeto.”
“Yes, sir, but why…”
“No questions asked.”
The other ships turned from Felucia, and soon sped off in lightspeed travel. We too, did the same.

We arrived at Mustafar several hours later.

Before I took Theta’s craft back to the surface, I went into the Communications Center aboard the Dark Hauk. The soldier at the controls in the small, computerized room was busy at work.
He stood up and held his hands to his sides. “Yes sir?”
“Allow me to take your post, only for a few minutes at tops.”
“Of, course, my lord!”
He stood at the doorway while I established a connecting with our fleet.
“Commander, can you here me?”
Static seemed to jam the line.
“Commander, respond.”
The line became quite a bit clearer now. The sound of blaster fire could clearly be heard.
“Sir! The Rebels have established a great foothold on Mygeeto! Our forces are thinning. Aircraft are being shot down every other minute. “
Now, we must get reinforcements here! We…” The line was suddenly cut off. I could still here the battle there, though. The transmitter aboard there ship must have been damaged. I could here yells and blaster fire. The rebels must have boarded the craft.
I heard another soldier fall, as well as the sound of Rebel feet marching through the ship. It was gone, it was hopeless. The fleet would be overpowered. I wasn’t even sure the rebels would take captives.
I turned to my right and saw the soldier at the door with his helmet off, with his mouth slightly open, as if in shock.
“Soldier, have you actually been in a battle?”
“Well, no, I’ve always been stuck in here.”
“This is what battle is like. Death, horror, brutality, it all happens. Destruction perhaps, is the most feared, but that’s what I’m here to cause.” My eyes went red as I began to breathe loud and angrily. The ship began to quiver. I returned to the bridge, and said, without even looking, “…I will be leaving you for a time. Bring fleets, everything we have, here.”
“It will be done.”

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