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Chapter 35: Companion

My fleet arrived at Mygeeto, as I prepared my new weapon, to counterattack the rebel’s. I was going to build the ultimate weapon, one that none would survive. A group, of maybe 3 Sith, and I knew the perfect place to look.
Deep in Coruscant, in the forgotten, wasteful, despised places of the city, were settlements of families barely survived on the scraps of dirt that they live in. The children there are filled with potential, greater than that of the rich, and of the famous. They lived dark lives, and despised the ones who had things better. They held everything to themselves, and gave none of it away.
I boarded the Streak Shot, without saying a word to any of my commanders, and set off for Coruscant.

When I arrived at Coruscant, I shot into the atmosphere, landed slowly upon the smog-filled, rust covered ground of the forgotten part of the city. It reminded me of the area in which I crash landed in many a year ago, during the space battle to save Palpatine.
I exited my ship, and began to maneuver through the scraps and salvageable parts until I found a hallway, leading to several small apartments, where families dwelt. I walked down the hall, and was passed by a man, with the looks of the criminal. He was not Force Sensitive however.
I continued through the dark hallway, with a flickering light on the wall every few yards. I found an apartment area, with 3 or 4 houses. I entered the first one, and inside, was a family. A father, in rags and tattered clothes, a mother, also in tattered clothes, and at the back, was a boy, maybe 13 years old, which was dressed in a black robe, with greasy dark-brown hair, with a spiky design. The family stared as I stood there in the doorway.
I walked right past them, to the back of the room, and looked down on the boy, who gazed at me with his black eyes, and dirt covered face.
“What’s your name?” I asked him plainly. The boy didn’t respond.
“He doesn’t talk much, sir.” The father said with deep voice.
I asked again. “What’s your name?”
He responded, with a hateful voice. “Name’s Jaern.”
“Well, Jaern, I have noticed that you are…different, then those of your family.” I squatted down, so that my face was level with his. “You’re better than everyone else here. You have power that I cannot even withstand, deep inside you. Come with me, and your family will have great fortune. You shall however, come with me. I need your help Jaern, to bring peace to the Galaxy.”
“I… My father…my mother…my sis-.”
“You have a sister? Where is she?”
“She’s gone…”
“How did she die?”
“No…she’s not dead…she’s gone to Yavin IV, to Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Temple. She’s a Jedi now. Luke came and got her himself.”
“I see…Tell me Jaern, why did she get the special powers, and now a better life, but not you?”
“I…I don’t know…”
“It’s because Luke is incapable of compassion. He thinks your sister is more powerful than Jaern, child of the streets.”
“You’re…your right.” He stood up, as his dark cape reached down to his feet. “My sister…My sister will not get away with this. Chelya will not be better than me.”
I had a sinister grin on my face as he spoke those words of anger.
“Come Jaern, and you shall have a new life, better than Chelya’s.”
Jaern began to walk out the door, when the father yelled.

I smiled again, and he soon flew to the back of the apartment, unconscious. Jaern saw this, and put the same smile on his face as mine.
I led him back to my ship. I didn’t need to find anymore children. I only needed Jaern, my new companion, my son.

Chapter 36: The Dark Knight

I lifted Jaern by the shoulders to help him into back seat, and I entered the front. I closed top hatch, and set off. Jaern was marveled as we entered space. His family was poor. He had probably never been here before.
As Jaern gazed at the stars, I looked ahead, and noticed a New Republic cruiser, just coming out of hyperspace before us. It was still about 20 miles away, perhaps, but I was just in a small ship.
“Can you do me a favor?”
“Umm…sure. What is it?”
“Hold on as tight as you can. This could get rough.”
“What? Why?”
“Just do it!”
I adjusted the speed to max and zoomed towards the cruiser. We were soon flying through blaster fire, with Jaern not the slightest bit scared. I sped right under the ship, and once on the other side, quickly switched to hyperspace.

When we arrived at Mustafar, Jaern covered his eyes at first with his arms, due to the fiery brightness of the planet.
“You’ll get used to the brightness. I go here just about every week. My headquarters is on it.”
“Your headquarters? What-.”
“Shh! Later! I have a transmission.”
The Com Link activated, and a small hologram of my Offensive Commander appeared on a small platform.
“My lord, it is good to see you back. But why did you leave?”
“I’ll talk about it later.”
I cut off the transmission.

When I landed at the foot of my mountain, the commander was there to greet me. He asked again why I left. I quickly whispered a response.”
“This boy…he’s…different. He may not look it, but he can win this war for us.”
The commander had a look of confusion. I nodded him away, and he led a new shipment of clones from Kamino away.
“Step onto the elevator, Jaern.”
He slowly stepped onto it, and I the same. I clicked a button on a small panel and it the elevator began to quickly move upwards. At the top, I let Jaern walk slowly towards the Temple, gazing up at its height and glory.
“Welcome, Jaern, to the Sith temple. This is where you shall live, along with me.”
“We live here?”
“Can I see the inside?”
“Of course.”
Jaern ran excitedly into the large opening for the front door of the temple. He ran from room to room, exploring them. I understood why of course. His entire life he had been living in a small hovel. This was like a sanctuary for him.
Even though he was quite enjoying himself, we needed to be getting on.
“Jaern!” I yelled as he entered another room.
He poked his head out of the door. “Ya?”
“I’m sorry to take away your fun, but we must be getting on. Please come with me.”
He followed me to a large pool, where he was washed, and came out several minutes later with the dirt out of his face, and his hair was no longer greasy.
“Now, I want to explain to you what you’re going to have to go through in order to stay with me.” I walked into the room where Delta and I first fought. The window had not yet been replaced. I stood in front, looking out to the surface of Mustafar as Jaern sat down.
“Jaern…do you know who I am?”
“Come to think of it, no.”
“I am Alpha 073, leader of the Empire, predecessor of Palpatine. I was once a clone. I was in the very first battle of the Clone Wars. I have been through more chaos and turmoil than anyone else in the Galaxy.”
“At first, I hated the Jedi, I hated there ways. But soon after we had destroyed the Jedi, I had found a lightsaber of my own, and used it, all the time. With it, I found power. But because of power, I slowly began to slip into the darkness. I found out something about me, about how I was different than everyone else…that was so many years ago…I was only twenty years old when the Battle of Geonosis arrived…I’ve seen so much death, so much pain, so much destruction. I’ve seen things one was not meant to see. I’ve endured things one was not meant to endure.”
“But, I do not want you to withstand what I have. I want you to become more powerful than I, and bring peace to this war driven society.”
“But…I’m just a boy.”
“You are, are you? Well, you obviously have no idea of the potential hidden inside you. Take this.” I pulled a lightsaber from my robes and tossed it to him. He activated it.
“Quite amazing, no? I’m sure you know what it is.” He gave a nod. “I want to see how good you are, even without training.”
Without a word, he shifted into a charge position. I stood there, with my dark robes swaying in the wind coming from the shattered window.
He charged, and slipped past me before I knew it. I tried to attack him several times, but he just blocked them with his blade. He soon began to use offensive slashes, actually making me walk back a few steps. When I was backed up against the wall, just as I had planned, his red lightsaber flew from his hand, into mine.
“What was that?”
“That, young Jaern, was the Force. A power you too, shall learn, soon.”

Chapter 37: My Final Flight

For months I trained Jaern to embrace the Force around him, and to use his emotions to his advantage. Within time, he became quite powerful, maybe even more powerful than I, force-wise. As hard he tried, he could not defeat me in combat. But in knowledge of the force, he overwhelmed me. He already could use the electricity the Force could create, lift extremely heavy objects, and make even the hardest of materials shatter into nothingness.
The time had come to make our final assault against the Skywalker Academy, and his host of padawans. We would attack the Rebel’s without detection, and bring in our cruisers to destroy the base there. Jaern was ready. I was ready. The army of the Empire was ready. We set off for Yavin IV.

When we arrived, no one said a word. Jaern and I stood there staring out the windows of the Dark Hauk. We studied the ships passing by and entering the atmosphere. A voice over an intercom said suddenly, “All troopers report to the hangers. I repeat. All troopers report to the hanger.
I slowly walked away, and Jaern followed. Inside the hanger was every troop, besides those manning the turrets. They all watched as Jaern and I entered our own private little aircraft, the Streak Shot, and set off. All the men on every cruiser loaded into transports and set off. The hundreds of transport craft followed us and landed silently upon the ground of Yavin IV.
As soon as we landed, the men gathered into squads and formations. Thousands of Stormtroopers stared as I walked in front of them to address them.
“I come to you today, not as your leader, but as a fellow trooper, such as yourself. Today we fight our final battle against the Jedi. Those still alive from The Purge remember their plan of domination, which is repeating itself. And yet…for the first time, someone has the power to stand up to them. Through all of our wars and battles, through all of our death and destruction, we have established a technology to defeat this terrible power. And that technology, my friends, is unity. We are the Empire! We alone have that technology. Let us bring peace and freedom to the Galaxy forever! For all of our fallen! For Vader! Let us fight this last time. Let us fight!”
The men all put there arms up and gave shouts of “Huzzah!” for there final time. I looked above and saw our Star Destroyers, along with the Hauk, ready for battle. They were slowly entering the atmosphere to have a better chance of wiping out men.
I led the army across the plains of Yavin IV, and stood upon a hill in the middle of the field. At the end of the field, the Rebel base stood with its army in front. It was about half the size of ours. But that wasn’t the only thing. Through the tops of the trees surrounding there base, I saw the top of the Great Massassi Temple, which Luke had transformed into his Jedi Temple. And from the base came a group of about 20 good aged children, ranging from 13 to 18. And in front of them stood Skywalker, whose power I could already feel building up inside him.
My troops and his stood in formation and gazed across the field at each other. I turned my body part-way around and looked at my army, with Jaern at my side. One final glance I took, when I began to sprint across the battlefield. Jaern soon followed, and the army soon began to rush across the field also. Luke’s trainees ignited their lightsabers and charged forward, along with Luke himself. When Jaern and I were a good way across the field, we ignited ours as we ran. This was it. This was our final fight.

Chapter 38: The End of All Wars

Both sides began to charge, stopping a good ways away and started firing. Meanwhile, Luke’s padawans were falling as Jaern and I cut them down one by one in the midst of all the fire. Some were killed by the blaster fire, some by saber cuts. Hundreds of troops began to fall on each side, with many more as my ships entered the atmosphere.
Hell rained upon the rebel base and the Temple, as many more of our men fell. Luke was deflecting shots in front of his legion, when I charged at him. I stopped a few yards away, and we stared in the midst of the fire. Our eyes met, and the eyes of Vader soon pierced me. He really was Vader’s son. He would have great skill.
A blast startled me as fire and chunks of metal fell from the sky behind my army as I watched the Dark Hauk fall down the ground and explode. A massive Rebel counterstrike had come from Coruscant. I had completely forgotten to take out the ship building facilities there.
X-Wings zoomed across the field killing many, when just as soon Fighter’s of Delta’s design chased after them, hitting them and sending them crashing into the forest or onto the battlefield. The sky was like fire, the battlefield like a sea of death. The battle continued to rage on for hours, as Luke just gazed around. A word was never said.

When the battle finally ended, Rebel troops and Stormtroopers alike were spread across the field, dead. The ground was scorched and burned in many spots. Large aircraft were on the ground, with half the Rebel fleet still hovering above. Jaern and I were the only ones left, standing in the middle of the battlefield in the wind, with a quarter of the rebel army still alive, along with a few Jedi.
They all aimed there blasters at Jaern and I, but Luke beckoned them to stop. This was our battle.
“Yes, my lord?”
“Run away. You don’t need to see this. It will be too much for you to handle.”
“But I…”
“Jaern, please, just walk away. Return to the ships. This is my battle.”
He thought for a moment, and gave a slow nod. He walked across the battlefield in his robes, alone, back to the ships hidden partly within the forest.
Luke walked forward and said these few words. “My father is in you. We are both part of him.”
“Perhaps, but we will see who inherited his greater power. Let’s do this. Let’s finish this war.”
Luke gave a quick nod and a “hmm” as he grasped his lightsaber handle. I took hold of mine, and ignited it.
I charged at Luke, and he just stood there and adjusted his lightsaber to the best position to block the attack. He too tried to attack but I just reflected it. We moved with speed nothing could match on foot. We attacked so fiercely that nothing could have survived. The wind seemed to grow stronger with every strike.
We soon stopped for a moment and stared once again. His golden-brown hair swayed in the wind. The tension began to grow.
Luke charged and swung at me left and right, with me doing the same, clashing our blades what seemed like hundreds of times. Finally, in the end, I swung harder than I should have, and missed an important attack. As I lifted my blade back up, Luke kicked my hands, sending them upwards, and jabbed his lightsaber right through my chest.
I stood there for what seemed like an eternity, which was only a few seconds. I fell to my knees. I put my hands to my mouth and coughed, it hurt more than anything I’ve ever felt. I looked at my hands, which were covered with black-brown gloves, and saw blood in them.

Alpha looked up one more time at Luke, before he fell down on his back, and breathed his final breath. Alpha died on the battlefield that day.

Jaern had watched the whole thing from the edge of the forest, and began to cry when Alpha fell to the ground. He walked across the battlefield, and stood next to his corpse, just as Luke reached down and gently closed Alpha’s eyes. Jaern fell to his knees and knelt over the body. Tears fell from his face, as he yelled at Luke, “Why? Why did you have to kill him? He was all I had left!”
Luke watched in sorrow as he cried. “Jaern, you still have something left. You have your family, and you have your sister.”
At that moment Chelya came walking up from behind Luke and stood next to him. A tear rolled down from her eyes too as she watched him.
“Jaern, come with us. We can train together under Luke. He’s a nice man.”
“But Alpha was better! He gave me food and a new life! Luke doesn’t even want me! I can use the Force too! But Luke didn’t take me with you! He left me there for scrap!”
Luke bulged in. “I didn’t leave you for scrap, Jaern. You weren't ready for this responsibility. I could tell that you loved your family too much. I couldn’t take you away from your parents.”
Another tear fell down onto Alpha’s chest. “I…I'll join you. It’s what Alpha would have wanted. But, I want him to burned, like the ways of the Old Republic.”
“Of course, Jaern. You will learn to use the good side of the Force here.”
“I am also Alpha’s heir. He made me his heir when he was training me. Everything that’s left of his Empire is now part of the New Republic.”
“That’s the boy I wanted to recruit back on Coruscant. Let’s get a capsule for his body.”
Luke ordered for a capsule, and one was immediately brought to him. Jaern helped load his body into it, and brought it to the Temple. Inside the temple they burned his body and gave him the Sacred Rituals. Alpha was finally with the men he longed to see. He was with the Empire.

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