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I just remembered some other tricks i know. Here they are.

This trick works with any factions main units except for the separtist.
Doing this trick is simple, all you have to do is go down the rancor on the map jabba's palace. Walk up to it and let it grab you. Once it does, hit start and select respawn. Your character will die, but the rancor will still be holding you, and your body will now emit a constant stream of health and ammo packs. You have to respawn before it eats you, or it will not work.

Here is a trick that will work with any faction on any space map.
It's easiest to do on split-screen and each player is on the other team, although it can be done on single player, though with a little more difficulty.

What you need to do is pick the pilot class as soon as you start. Take a ship,( an interceptor is perferable, but you can take a fighter if you like it's better armor better) and land inside the enemy capitol ship. Now, go wait by one of the enemy ships, ( it does'nt matter which, they are all sliced at the same rate, save for the their transport, they can't be hacked) and wait for an enemy marine or pilot to come over to it. Just before they enter the ship, select and hold down the fusion cutter button, so that once they get in the ship, it will automatically start hacking the ship. If you timed it right, the pilot of the ship will eject, but the ship will keep on flying into space.

One more space trick and this one is very easy.
It works with any faction,class, and space map.
All you have to do is take a ship and fly into space. Then, all you do is press start and hit respawn. This will llow you to see your body in space.

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