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*A thicket of low-growing foliage covers the ground. Much of it is made up of what look like normal trees, but tiny veins of blue run through them.*

Guy: We can't stay here. I'm going to try to use my ship to lead the Blades away from our location. But we have to get as far away from here as possible as quickly as possible. K'Warra, where is the Blade watchtower?

K'Warra: How about I just lead you out of here? Listen carefully, munchkins. I'm not going to say this twice.

*K'Warra points to the place where the shadow of the hulking landmass above stops* See that? Pretend it's a line. For now, we're going to hug the line. If you go into the shadow you will die. *He points into the shadow-murk to the left, too thick for a natural shadow* There's things in there that will reach out and grab you. If something does, you will die. Oh, and stick around the plants. They're producing and feeding on magic. That will hopefully confuse sensors unless they get too close. You can't take your ship. They'll be looking for vehicles. Also, if you move at a fixed rate you'll be easier to pick up in this territory.

By the way, your prisoners ran away while I waited for you to show up. Some people just have no manners.

*K'Warra bounds off into the undergrowth*

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