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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Yeah, why should it matter if people believe in God? Is it an affront to atheists or something?
Well, it was you that started the thread.. and i'm happy to debate about it. However its not something i have a problem with.

there ARE a number of religous issues i do have a problem with, but you need to look in other threads for those.

Putting aside all the evidence and assuming that people DO actually get responses, and it isn't just wishful thinking.. how do we know who it is that is responding? It could be "God", it could be Allah, or Visshnu, or the Thunder God. It could be a voice in your head. It could be some form of psychic connection. It could be traces from an alternate realm. It could be people from the future. It could be an all powerful space alien. It could be something we haven't even thought of yet. There really is no way to know.

Even if a giant flaming head appears in the sky tomorrow an proclaims itself to be god, there is still the chance it could be another being of much greater power than our own. We would have no way of knowing and would simply have to take it's word for it. Or not.

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