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As I was filling the holes from the robe mesh I've noticed that some faces was modeled with both sides, the inside and outside, so the inside faces should be deleted too, because it will not be seen by the player and the game will have to spend time to render it.

When you create faces in Gmax it only gives the outside face, if you look inside the model the mesh appears to be transparent, you only see the border of the separated elements.

That is why you have to create it anti-clockwise. If you create a face clockwise it will build the face inside the mesh.

This is the modeled mesh and the original one from the game and we are looking inside their arms, in the modeled I need to remove all the faces inside, and leave only those that we want to be seen, like those near the glove. And because it will take time we are going to see how to put together pieces of different models.

3.3 Merging pieces of different models

Jolly Boots asked once how he could remove Atton's jacket and give him the torso of the underwear's male, so that is what I'll explain here in more detail. The first thing I'm going to do is create a folder called “Atton” and using “Kotor Tool” we will extract the files of the male underwear pmbam, and Atton's cloths P_AttonBB:

KotorII->BIFs->models.bif->Aurora Model->pmbam.mdl
KotorII->BIFs->models.bif->Aurora Model Extension->pmbam.mdx

KotorII->BIFs->models.bif->Aurora Model->p_attonbb.mdl
KotorII->BIFs->models.bif->Aurora Model Extension->p_attonbb.mdx

Now using “MDlops” we press the “Select file” button, select pmbam.mdl file and with “Kotor 2” button enabled we press the “Read and write button” we do the same with p_attonbb.mdl file.

Start Gmax using the Nwmax icon, and import the model P_AttonBB-ascii.mdl.

We call the “Select Object” window using the “Select by Name” icon, and now we select all the meshs that have an _g in its name's end.

We name this selection Bones in the text field, and then we hide the selection pressing the right mouse button and selecting the “Hide Selection” from the menu.

We create another selection called Meshes selecting eyeLA, eyeLid, eyeRA, eyeRlid, teethDWN, teethUP, JacketFlapNew, ShirtFlapNew, LArm_Geo, RArm_Geo, Head_Geo, and we hide those too. Then we select all the boxes left and name it Helpers.

Now we select the Meshes selection, say “yes” to the warning window and we will have only the meshes visible. We already have seen all this in my first post of this tutorial.

One important thing to remember is that the flap of his shirt and jacket will not move any more when we export it to the game using MDlops, if you select the flap you will see that there is an “AuroraFlex” modifier in it, only Taina's Replacer can export it back to the game, but then we will not be able to change the number of vertices of the model. But as we are not going to use his jacket we don't need to worry about it.

From this model we are going to use only its pants, shoes and belt, the arms and torso will be from the underwear model. Let's take a look on the underwear model to decide which model will be used as a base model, save this file as Attonbb_01.gmax and reset Gmax selecting in the menu “File->Reset” and “yes” in the warning window.

Now import the pmbam-ascii.mdl to Gmax, and create the Meshes, Bones and Helpers selections as we did with Atton's cloths model, for the Meshes selection select only RArm, LArm and Torso meshes, and make only this selection visible... in my model the texture didn't come with the model, in the pmbam-textures.txt file that MDlops created it says I should have used the pmbama01.tga texture and not the pmbamc01.tga that I extracted using Kotor Tool , but as the pmbama01.tga is the asian skin color I'm going to put the pmbamc01.tga texture in the model using Gmax.

To add the texture we press the “Gmax Material Editor” icon to call the “Material Editor” window.

In the “Material Editor” window we press the “New” button and it will open the “New Material” window, where we select “Standard” and press “OK” button.

Now we click in the grey color box beside the “Diffuse” name in the “Blinn Basic Parameters” rollout, it will call the “Color Selector” window and we change the color from grey to white.


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