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Now in the “Maps” rollout we check the “Diffuse Color” and click in the “None” button beside it to call the “gmax Material Navigator”, here we press the “bitmap” and chose the file pmbamc01.tga.

Now we enable the “Show Map in Viewport” icon and with the mesh torso selected we press the “Apply” button.

Now we select the arms and press the “Apply” button for each one.

When you export the model the name of the bitmap file we used here will be exported with the model, this is a way to change the name of the model's texture without hexedit the model file. And if you want to change the name of the model you need to select the “Aurara Base” mesh and change its name in the modify rollout. Then you will need to change the name of the original pmbam.mdl and pmbam.mdx files to the name you want before compiling the new ascii file Gmax exported using MDlops.

To decide which model will be the base I usually use the one with the arm I need, here we want the underwear arms with the pants, shoes and belt from Atton's cloths, so we are going to use the underwear model as a base, because this way we won't need to bone weight the arms, it is already done and working, and weighting the hand and fingers is a tedious work. Let´s save this file as pmbam_01.gmax.

Hope someone is reading all this stuff... any feedback is welcome.

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