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Post Talon Karrde's Lair (SIEGE, FFA, CTF)

OK, just gonna start throwing some pix out here.
This is Talon Karrde's hideout on Myrkrr (or however you spell it!)
It's all based on the Dark Horse comic and the architechture therefore reflects the very "chunky" style of the artists.
It's a WIP and still early days yet.
Was originally concieved as a small FFA map but now its a little bigger and I will likely make it CTF and SIEGE as well.
Currently lighting needs to be done along with a zillion little details.
Doing some scripting for this one too.
Anyway without further ado...

Looking from Imperial landing zone over towards the ruins.

Over by back by the Generators and storage sheds

View from a Mercenary Siege starting point (opposite Imperial landing zone)

Inside the main ruin with the tree growing up through the floor

Mercenary control room with working Screen (Though skybox draws wierd and misc_model_static's don't show at all!!!)

Top floor of ruin with tree Ysalimiri and Morgan Katarn standing in for Talon Karrde LOL

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