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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Originally Posted by Nancy Allen
Yeah, why should it matter if people believe in God? Is it an affront to atheists or something?
By that I mean for some it seems like God is some great evil and regardless of what is presented they reject it, angrily. It's like trying to convince someone who believes Bush is Hitler of all the good he's done.
For some, undoubtedly. However, for many (myself included) there is no belief that "god is some great evil" or any anger directed at any god. This would presume that a god exists to characterize with the anthropomorphic attribute of evil or to direct anger at.

Instead, many like myself simply become upset at the attempts to codify religious dogma and belief on others. We also find it stimulating and satisfying to debate the philosophical positions of various religious adherents. So when someone begins a thread with an unreasoned and illogical claim that has no evidential basis, it then becomes both a duty and a pleasure to refute it. It doesn't matter if people believe in gods. It matters, however, if they use their god to impose upon others or make public claims of their god's prowess that they cannot demonstrate.

There's no anger involved in my willingness to debunk religious claims. It's my pleasure.

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