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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
The same with anything else in the world. Without just cause no one should for any reason force their views or beliefs on others. What would be just cause? Mace Windu, or Yoda, trying to stop Palpatine would count. A real world example would be the efforts in Afghanistan, or the first Iraq war, the Gulf war where Saddam Hussein was pushed out of Kuwait.
You know what would be a good thing to have if it is real of course, is the Force as a occupier of all the world's current religions.

The Force have no preference; good or evil is a point of view not a choice of one or the other.

With the Force as the dominant religion there won't be no suicide bombers killing themselves for GOD Allah or whoever.

There is no god in the Force. The Force is neutral, thats what makes the

Force a good choice for a replacement to the current world's religions.

Also having the Force as a religion will give great benifits like duh Force powers

You won't get that from any of the world's dull trouble making religions.

What you just get from most of the current world's religion, is worship or suffer for eternity in those religions respective hells.

I bet you it will be alot of followers of the Force if it is real.
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