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[FIN] The True Teachings II: Forbidden Knowledge

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Forbidden Knowledge


Time passes. The Galaxy is thrown further into turmoil as the bloody Yuuzhan Vong war slowly escalates. The New Republic stands aside and welcomes her replacement The Galactic Alliance. Both sides had their victories and their losses, some smaller, some greater thanks to which both sides started to forget the incident involving a certain Vong halfbreed.


''You have learned much since you came here and we are pleased, but your training is not anywhere near its completion. Listen carefuly, young one, everything you've read and was told about our history is true, but it is not the True Way of the Sith. You have been told about that so-called Sith Code... There is no peace, only passion... pffft. A stupid poem invented by empty-minded Sith... wannabees.''

''Yes, Master.''

''We are the only ones that can teach you what it means to be a True Sith and teach you we shall. It is our duty as it will be your duty to one day pass the teachings on. Now come, there is much for you to do today.''

''I follow, Master.''

The two figures disappeared into the dark corridors of the compound. The enormous city-like compound that laid on a dead and distant Dark Planet. In its orbit a wreckage testified of a year old conflict, a conflict whose end marked a new beginning, a new destiny for one person, a destiny filled with darkness and death, just as the road to reach it was. The name of that person was Ralik, the half Yuuzhan Vong, half human young man. A halfbreed orphan, genetically accelerated to adulthood Once a Commander in the Yuuzhan Vong Warrior caste, now something else... something... different.

In the one year Ralik had spent in that place he had indeed learned much. When he used the Force, it was like watching a master mechanic use his tools to fix the problem in a matter of minutes. Days passed and he trained more and more, learning also the history of the Sith, both the history of the fallen Jedi that called themselves Sith as well as the history of the True Teachings.

One might wonder how he managed to survive on that planet, alone, accompanied only by spectres of the ancient Sith. Well, the race that built the enormous compound where Ralik now lived, was extremely advanced. The planet was indeed barren and unsuitable for growing any type of food naturally, but the species that built the compound, the True Lords of the Sith, the unknown species that his Master, the one that lured him to this place, belonged to wasn't interested solely in mastering the Force and using it to rule the Galaxy, as so many of the Sith Lords tried to do. The mysterious species was also interested in developing science and technology, which is how they managed to develop a machine that produces food, well if you can call it food. It was nothing like the meals people eat every day, it was more of a dense liquid that was made of all the necessary daily nutrients. It wasn't very tasty, but it was food.

Another day, another lesson and Ralik actually started to enjoy it. He enjoyed it because he knew he would need all that knowledge one day, he still remembered what his Master told him when he first arrived to this place: ''Your time will come, young one, but it is not now.'' Ralik awaited that time with great pleasure and until it comes he will learn all that he possibly can, so that when his day finally comes nobody will be able to stop him.

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